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Hot flashes as a part of Fibromyalgia?
8 Replies
Diane - December 30

I am a 72 year old woman with fibromyalgia.
For the past couple of years, I have been experiencing severe hot flashes. They last only a minute or so but can bring perspiration as well as a lot of body heat.
Has anyone else experienced this?


Beverly - December 18

Are you taking pain medication? The side effect to most is sweating.


Jean - December 19

At your age I would see a doctor but it could be from fibro but also it could be hormaones as well as some other conditions that mimic this condition. please see a physician for they will know best. Happy Holidays and I hope you feel better oh anxiety can cause this as well.


Joni - December 19

yes, I get hot flashes also.


Diane - December 19

Thanks Beverly and Joni. I have told my docs but they don't have an answer. I think I will just put up with them!


Diane - December 19

Thanks you, Jean, too!


Jean - December 20

Hi Diane: You might want to try to stay away from caffiene and chocolate because this could also cause your system overload into hot flashes. Just like being menapausal.
You have a Happy Holiday :)


Suzanne - December 28

I have had hot flashes for years due to my ovaries shutting down from stress from my hysterectomy when I was 26 and I now am 44 but... I do think, well I know that my thermostat has NEVER worked like a normal person, one w/o Fibromyalgia
anyway ! I tend to be hot natured as well. There is a different type of hot flash as to be just being overwhelmed all of a sudden my intense hotness !
But YES..I definately think that fibro has a huge role to play with your bodies thermostat !! I hav ejeard from MANY that during the sumer that their Fibrimyalgia is worsened by heat and I am one of those unlucky ones ! Good luck !!


coco - December 30

night sweats are another sympton of fibro...BUT.. thyroid conditions and other conditions could cause hot flashes too...
aside from menopause.



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