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hot cold sweats
6 Replies
caren - February 16

is hot and cold sweats to do with fms


jane doe - February 16

Caren, I wonder if you are getting the help you need from your doctor. You seem to have a lot of questions. Maybe make a list of everything that is going on with you and take it to him/her. Also, you said you saw a rhuemotologist, but maybe you could ask about a neurologist and endocronologist. You really have a lot of issues. On the left of this screen, if you click "Fibromyalgia Symptoms" you can read up on a lot of the things you ask about. Also check It has a lot of fibro information. You really sound like you are going through a lot, and I think you need the help of medical professionals. Take care.


JJ1 - February 16

Yes they are among the many symptoms but they can be the symptoms of other things as well. I agree with what jane doe recommends and I think you are not getting much help from your doctor, especially if they are telling you this is all in your head when you have been diagnosed with either fibromyalgia or raynauds or both (couldn't tell from your earlier message). Is it possible for you to go to another doctor? Where do you live (in the U.S?) and do you have medical insurance to cover your expenses?


caren - February 17

jji i live in england the rumertologist as put me on a wating list 2 see a physio 2 let me do exercise in hydro pool it can take up 2 4 2 6 months if that dosent work there going 2 try sumthing else i told him all my symptoms and he checked my pressure points i told him about my neck its always stiff he said thats why my head hurts i keep asking questions 2 c if any body else as the same as me sorry if im a pain


jane doe - February 17

Sweetie, you are not a pain. I just feel so bad for you. We will all have some of the same symptoms you have, and at the same time, you may have something no one else has. that's Fibro!!!


BrandyO - February 17

Caren, I've just been reading the post lately without replying because I have been in a bad flare. But I had to reply to you dear. DON"T ever feel bad asking questions. I have had fibro for over 40 years now and I often wonder if a "new symptom" is fibro related or something else. It doesn't hurt to ask and I am sure Jane doe and any one else reading or replying to your post has only your best interest at heart. We're all in the same boat here. I wish you all the best and keep asking questions, that's how we learn! Good luck to you. Brandy


caren - February 17

thanks i just get so worried wen ive got a new symptom i banged my head last sunday got a bump on it didnt knock myself out though docter checked it said it will go down now ive got swollen neck glands and sore throat wen i go 2 the docters they just say its aviral infection ive git a book on fms which does say u can get this does any body get bad heads like the neck is tensed and u can feel the scalp going tight



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