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Horrible Spasms
7 Replies
tnichel - January 25

As I've mentioned before, I have a doctor but I'm in the process of obtaining a new rheumatologist. My first appt. with him isn't until March. Today I got up and prepared for work feeling just fine. Walking outside in the 10 degree(which may have played a part, not sure) my middle back, closer to the left side locked up. That's the best way I can describe it. I had to walk painfully slow, it hurts to breath, sit, lean forward or move my neck. I haven't had symptoms like this since I first began taking amytryptiline, plaquenil (for lupus), and a steroid pack(not on steroids now). So how long should I wait to contact a doctor?

I took tylenol arthritis, (surprise, surprise) it's not working. My doc never prescribed muscle relaxers or anything like that. I don't know if this will suddenly be gone when I wake up tomorrow or if i'm in a flare. I don't think its a flare but my symptoms have been heightened over the past week. Ughh... any advice is greatly appreciated b/c I have no choice but to go to work. I've been keeping a pain journal but still have not been able to determine a pattern. I just want to this pain to stop. Of course everyone keeps asking why I'm walkign so slow and stiff.

Today is one of those frustrating fibro days when you just want to crawl in a hole and stay there for a long while. I can't believe I went dowhill so fast, literally not 15 minutes after leaving my home. I'm also wondering if anyone experience heightened symptoms when they leave their house. I usually feel a lot better in my own abode.


tnichel - January 25

If you can't tell, I'm haven't hit the 6 month mark since my diagnosis so I'm not quite sure when to call the Rheumatologist or when I should contanct my gp. Please help!!!


JJ1 - January 25

I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I have had a couple of times when I have had a sudden inexplicable stabbing pain. The last one i recall was about a year ago (my traditional post-holiday stress) and it hit me in the next and shoulder. I did not go to work that day and laid in bed then got a neck brace the next. It disappeared by the next day or I would have tried to see a doctor to make sure I didn't do something. I probably would have gone to my gp doc for something like that. Since you have to go to work, I would say if you are still feeling this way in the morning try to see your gp and see if they can give you something for pain. I wish you well.


JJ1 - January 25

Gawd, I hate the writing/spelling flub ups. My pain was in my neck, not my "next". Haha


tnichel - January 25

thanks JJ1. Both the gp and rheumy are new docs. I've only seen the gp once and he pretty much passed me off to someone else so I haven't been back and need to find a new gp. I've done a lot of reading on my own but sometimes you really need a good doc who answers your questions and doesn't make you feel as if your complaints aren't valid or important. I will call the gp in the morning if the symptoms don't go away. It's eased up bit since I drank some hot tea.

And we've already had the discussion about spelling. lol. It's amazing what the hand types when the mine <---(see what I mean) is thinking something else. I knew what you meant though. And you'll get a kick out of this. While talking to a coworker about movies earlier I asked if he had seen "no men for old country" instead of "no country for old men". I do that stuff all the time now. Hey sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself. Thanks always give good advice.


Gabbie - January 25

I can feel pretty good and then go out into cold, damp and rainy weather and within a short time I have a lot of pain. I really think the temp/weather has a lot to do with how we feel so I don't think you felt worse because you left your home. I know what you mean about walking slowly because I find that when I begin to stiffen up I feel like and probably look like I'm moving in slow motion.


Mrsz - February 1

I just found this site and I have had allll of the pains you have discribed. I have suffered with fibro for 13 years now. I have made up my mind that this disease is not as strong as I am. I have learned to say,"no" ,let my house go and if people don't like it don't come over . Don't get me wrong it is clean but cluttered. I could write on and on. The thing to do is stretch, yes stretch. I said ugh! at first but start off slow and stop when you feel the pull. go slow. I have maxed out my phsical therapy for rthe year at 60 visits. If I need rest I sit or lay down. I can no longer walk the malls. without resting. yes it sucks but don't stop living. I go to every type of doctor. All of them say fibro. CRONIC to the point I have had 2 cardiac caths, 4 stress tests and every other test imaginable. If you get pain try stretchng and belive it or not I started loving ice packs. It helped with the swelling. Good Luck to all. Pray for help and let everyone know this disease is real!


tnichel - February 1

MrsZ thanks for your response. You answered one of the questions I haven't got around to asking. Every week I pick 2 things to clean on my days off b/c I know I won't have the energy to do much more. And if I go grocery shopping, I can forget about doing anything else for the rest of the day. I used to be embarrassed when friends would come over b/c my parents are clean freaks and I try to keep my house spotless but don't have the energy to keep it perfect. So I basically make sure the living room, bathroom and kitchen are orderly. Now my bedroom is a different story since I have something against hangers. lol. But nothing nasty. I also found getting rid of clutter helps. And thanks for the advice about stretching. I've been trying that but I pulled something in my leg and a month later it's not well. I will go slow. Can you tell me more about the ice packs. My doctor recommended an ice massage but I can't do it as I live alone. Everything he recommends I can't do b/c either I live alone, or its not possible economically. I experimented with heat but not ice yet. Thanks again for your response.



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