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horrible night
2 Replies
Shau Marie - September 26

My headache worsened around 4:30 yesterday, by the time I drove home at 8:00 I was in misery. My head, neck shoulders and back were all excruciating. My sinus' felt all swollen and I couldn't breath well. I refused to go to ER because all they have done for 4 years is shrug and send me home. or give me pain meds that I don't want. (cuz they don't work) I was inconsolable (my poor husband). I finally got were I could sleep a little and then the pain would jar me. I am a zombie today. Is this common? It seems to happen to me a lot. What helps? I don't think I can make it through the day, but ER isn't going to help me.


txsunsets - September 26

Shau Marie, I am so sorry you had so many problems last night. I had a similar episode week before last. I went back to the dr and he went up on my nuerontin. I wasn't excited about going up but it has helped everything except my back pain. Fantod had told me about some cream so I asked my dr to call it in and she did so I will start trying that tonight. I hope tonight will be better.


Fantod - September 26

Shau Marie - I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time right now. You could try using a hand towel and soaking it with hot water. Leave the ends dry so you can wring it out. Put it across your shoulders to see it that helps. You could ask your doctor to give you a script for the Flector Pain Patch. This is a topical medication that works wherever you apply the patch. It doesn't get into your bloodstream so it will not affect any other meds you may be taking. Another option is a cream called Ketoprofen 20% which has be made by a compound pharmacy. Lidocaine can be added to it as well. There are compound pharmacies all over the place. If not, the script can be faxed and the medication mailed to you. This is another topical pain killer that does not get into your bloodstream. If the pain is severe, put the cream on and put a layer of saran wrap over the affected area. You can wear your new saran wrap fashion statement for NO MORE than 2 hours to help the cream absorb. Ketoprofen should always be applied to clean skin - never layer it. Have you considered seeing a pain specialist to see it they have another point of view about your situation. I have one and he has had some pretty keen insight where others have had no clue. I hope things get better for you soon. Take care.



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