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Horrible--but let's talk about fibro
2 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 18

I sort of wanted to know what happened so I read a couple of the posts that came on while I was gone. I could only read one or two, they were so .... I can't even think of a word. I said I was a big man feeling so tears over this in another post, now I am really feeling'em. God, this is horrible. Whatever you feel about Barbar or want to say about her, fine, but I am not her. So please, do not hurt us anymore over her death or anything else by using me. You may have thought she was an angel (as I did sometimes) or you may have thought she was the b-word (as I did at some sometimes) but whatever you think, don't think I'm her. That's a horrible, horrible, horrible thought to post for others to read. As for if she had a friend at some gov office or not, somebody posted the office's name and gave some private information. That was wrong. I thought we were all trying to be virtually anonymous and not share prviate information or any info that could be used to hurt anyone. I guess my question is this--- we all have fibro, AREN'T WE HURTING ENOUGH? Why get into any of this sh++? God this is horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. Somebody died here-that's enough. Don't ruin this forum it's the only place some of us have to go to talk about it toshare about it. I staid silent along time before I decided to join in. Please don;t destroy this forum and please don't use me to do it. God these are horrible thoughts. PLease, please, please. From Lyle the Biker Man. Please!


dream69 - January 18

What’s up Lyle? I remember in one of your posts you said that your fibromyalgia is due to spinal problems. If that is correct feel free to look at these documents I compiled for lynnFT.


Lyle Anderson - January 19

Dream69 I will give them a look and let you know if they help. I thank you for the effort.



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