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11 Replies
tnichel - March 18

I went back to the doc and it seems my benign bone tumor is no reason for concern. Still, I have to get an mri to make sure it's benign and checkups at least once a year in case it changes.

I saw my primary doc b/c I thought I had yet another uti. I've been have a rough go at it since Nov. and keep getting sick.
Well along with that, he said I have a sinus infection....and, my hormones are out of wack. But he didn't say exactly how, just that I need to see a gynecologist. I was so right when I said it never ends.

So ladies, have any of you dealt with hormone issues? I guess that's why I've been so cranky, depressed, angry and could care less about anything right now.

Though he didn't tell me much, the doc said the gyn could probably put me on a something for a couple of weeks to straighten it out. Can you please describe your experience with this? I don't want to be mean to people but alas it all makes sense. It not just the fibro.

It's not helping either that my dad is freaking out sayng it should be him. And saying 'I love you', which my family doesn't say alot seeming as we all talk everyday and are very connected. That bothers me b/c I hate it when he worries and for some reason it makes me cry when he get's all sensitive (I'm already sensitive as it is. lol). So I have to watch what I tell him b/c I know how he'll react. He and my uncle think the sky is falling. I think they're more stressed over this than me. lol.


bmcgovern - March 19

I also need to get this checked out. My moods can just be horrible. I get so irritated all the time and angry and then sometimes i get sad because i was so mad over nothing. Does this also happen to you? I hate being moody. If you do get this all checked can you let me know how it went and what to expect? Sorry this info isn't much help i just was wondering the same things. Hope everything works out.
Good Luck. :)


Fantod - March 21

I just did a hormone salivary test which requires spitting into a collection of tubes through out the day and one at 2:30 AM. My cycle stopped over a year ago. The doctor is checking to see if this is adding to my sleeplesness issues. Apparently, raging hormones in the middle of the night will add to sleep issues even if you are not having any periods. The test was easy except for the directions which were confusing particularly if one is sleep deprived. I swear to God there are days when I could not figure out how to tie my shoe - thank God for velcro....

I don't have my results yet. I'm waiting on the results of a blood test to come in before I drive 40 miles round trip to see the doctor.

I think getting this checked is a very good idea for any one experiencing extreme mood swings, being weepy or meaner than a sunburned rattle snake for no apparent reason. Take care.


axxie - March 21

Wacky hormone and low thyroid will make your moods horible. First hand experience. I've had a complete hysterectomy back 25 years ago. I know what you ladies are going through.

I'll never forgive that doctor who decided back then to play havoc with my thyroid, he said he had to slow it down to level of pre-puberty, it just dindn't happen and well you guessed it, I am still a complete mess since and this was 25 years ago.

Anyway the good thing is I'm going to see someone who will give me the cream you apply on your arms to get a level of hormone in my body.

No hormone or wacky hormones will make you cranky and your body will hurt, you loose your sense of taste and you loose your sense of well being.

Hormone you need until you die, never go without.


tnichel - March 28


I've noticed I'm very moody. I can get to work in a good mood then sit at my cpu for an hour and end up down in the dumps. But at least I'm aware of it and try to compensate for it. I still have a see a doc yet b/c I have some other issues that I need to clear up first. I used to be able to get up in the morning and tell you if it was going to be a good or bad day. It seemed like a part of my brain shut off and went dark.
Fortunately cymbalta has helped with that.

I can get agitated within 5 minutes of being on the phone with someone and have to end the call. I don't know why. And yes, there's always anger just below the surface. One little thing can set me off. Probably a result what I haven't dealt with. But yes, I know exactly what you mean. I'll let you know what my doc says once I go.

Fantod, what kind of doctor ordered that test?


Noca - March 28

tnichel how do they test your tumor to make sure its benign? No one ever told me to test my tumors every year for malignancy.


canadacalling - March 28

don't you think that we are sensitive group, both emotionally and physically which came first?? chicken or egg.

it is a rainy day here in Ontario, and no sun, so took more of my Vitamin D? Anyone taking that?


tnichel - March 28

Noca, the specialist scheduled an mri to make sure it's benign just to be on the safe side. I wasn't expecting that either. He didn't see anything to suggest cancer on the x-ray. Maybe your condition is so specific in symptoms that no test is required. IDK. It's a good question for your doc. I went to the Kleinert & Kutz hand center in Louisville, KY. They were the first ones to do a hand transplant so I feel pretty good about their competency.


feelinghopeless - March 29

I have some issues with being a little cranky as well. I had a hysterectomy several months ago and have a blood condition so I cannot be on any hormone therapy. I am hoping that with other medication and relaxation techniques I can learn to handle being irritated!


GiGi1959 - April 7

I have heard that sometimes we need a progesterone check up, and possibly a need to increase or decrease our levels, ive been feeling alot of fatique and crying spells lately, so i am thinking of checking into this, has anyone had this checked out and had hormone therapy? If so how are you feeling now?


GiGi1959 - April 7

I have also had a hysterectomy about 13 years ago i have a lack of energy and someone suggested the cream, not a doctors suggestion, so where do i find this hormone cream?


Canada17 - April 7

I have crazy hormones! I hate them!

I think I am peri-menopausal and my doctor believes this could be the cause of my mood swings. I pretty much PMS for three weeks out of the month, only the week following the start of my period is hormones free. It has gotten progressively worse since child birth. I am only 27.

I have to see an endocrinologist but I don't have a doctor to do the referral so I have to find a couple of spare ours to go sit at a walk-in clinic and have some stranger poke at me.

I called my local hospital and the attendant actually suggested that I show up at the ER and have the attending physician check me over! What a waste of hospital resources! So it's a couple hours at a walk-in clinic with a bunch of sick people or a day at ER getting bumped down the line because I'm neither sick nor injured nor experiencing any sort of medical emergency.

Did I mention I hate my hormones?



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