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Hope things calm down!
5 Replies
BrandyO - December 12

I'm tired of the Larry/Kathy/Helen issues. I think I'll take a break till things calm down. This is as bad as the Debra/Real Debra problem we had before. Happy Holidays everyone. Take care, Brandy


Lynne-FT - December 12

BrandyO, I used to enjoy this site, i do not post as often as I use to and I think a lot of new people are put off by all the comotion. Your always welcome to my forum, we have alot of members but not alot of posts. Happy Holidays to you and yours, Lynne


teresat - December 13

It is the Debra thing all over again!! I believe this is the same person!!!!! I have joined hope others will too. Thanks Brandy & Lynne!! I hope yours is a very Happy Holiday too!


Lynne-FT - December 13

You too teresat, Happy Holidays :-) a smiley face for a change. Yeaaaaaa!


barbar - December 13

I am especially tired of the Larry/Kathy/Helen issues. I'm the one who actually took her advice and sought the solutions she recommended only to find a number of very problematic issues with them. I thought reasoning with him /her would help but you all see what that led to. I surely must apologize to you all for having been part of it and I am going to post this note here and as a thread of it's own.


CarrieLee - December 13

At the risk of being attacked yet again (Teresa...) I would like to say one thing and please don't take this the wrong way.... more than HALF of the main page is FULL of this Larry/Kathy BS. Is it necessary to start up new threads over and over again all about the SAME THING? If you want this problem to go away- constantly focusing on it surely won't do the trick! I count 17 topics ONLY about this subject in the top 20 subjects alone on the main page!!! That is just insane! Can't you see that there are newbies coming here asking legitimate questions half a page down that are not getting the time, care or answers that they deserve because the WHOLE page is covered with this crap? For goodness sakes, take a break already!



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