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Auvonto - October 26

this morning i woke to horrific left hip pain. i went to change positions from my left side to the right and my left hip felt as if i had fallen from 10stories high right on it. it felt broken. i could hardly move at all the pain shot down through my leg to my toes. i had to get up to go to the bathroom and hobbled there in so much pain. i took 3 hydrocodones and laid back down when i finally got up 45 min later it still hurt but the edge was taken off. i took a hot shower which made it feel even better. i got to work and BAM the pain hits me again. now what. i parked in handicap (i dont have a sticker but the people that know me at work dont care because they know i have bad days and when its not so bad i dont use it.)and some new guy looked at me in the car and kinda gave me a dirty look. well i must have looked like i would keel over any minuet because a lady that was crossing the parking lot hurried over to me and asked if i needed any help. how sweet of her. but i just said no and she held the door open for me to drag my butt through. i hate that this happens. there is a lady 60years old that i work with and she has to help me sometimes. i am only 37 OMG. i sit at a computer all day so my hip is going to keep locking up and hurting. i dont even have to be moving for it to hurt. i wonder if it is a nerve that was pinched all night then when i moved it made it painfull. i dont know im just rambling.does this ever happen to anyone else? i've had hip pain before even locked up but never pain as bad as this. also that neuroton is causing the jerks in my arms and legs again even today and i didnt take any and makes me very tired. ramble ramble ramble. sorry yall


Fantod - October 26

You may have bursitis which is very common among folks with Fibromyalgia. You need to see your doctor right away. Bursitis can be very persistent even with proper treatment. I have it in both hips and shoulders. Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that helps break up bursitis. Eat as much of it as you can stand while working with your doctor. If you don't like pineapple, go to the health food store and purchase an enzyme that will do the same thing.

By the way, why not ask your doctor for a handicap sticker? You run the risk of a large fine if the police happen to wander through your parking lot. I've had one for years and only use it on really bad days.

I hope this information is helpful to you. Feel better.


Auvonto - October 26

Fantod,i have to look that up Bursitis. i just thought it was just another annoying pain. as far as the handicap sticker. i am a little scared i dont want them to think i am being lazy. i know they know my condition but i still feel that way. i just get nervous sometimes and dont say all that i need or want to say or ask when i am there. i know i should but....people at work are telling me i need to apply for ssi again because they see the pain im in. thanks so much Fantod!!


Fantod - October 26

Auvonto - Look at the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page. You will find information on bursitis there under "Associated Conditions." And, you can also Google it.

With regards to the handicap sticker; you are not being lazy by asking for one. You are entitled to it and should take advantge of having one. As I said, I don't use mine all of the time but it is nice to have the option on the days I'm not doing well. I'd rather save my energy for something productive by using the sticker. If you don't stand up for yourself, no one will.

If you are thinking about applying for SSD, having the handicap sticker will bolster your case in addition to your medical files. I'd like to recommend that you consider using a company called Allsup. You can find them online. I used them, and know other people that have used them. We were all approved in 6 months. Allsup has a 98% success rate and they do everything for you. Very, very nice to work with. I have no ties to them other than as a happy client. It might be worth going to their website and registering. They'll call you and set up an interview time. If you qualify, they'll help you through the whole process. Six months is a record; people who go through attorneys wait years for approval. The fee structure is the same regardless. If Allsup does not win your SSD approval they take nothing and will help you appeal.

Just some food for thought. I hope that you feel better soon. Take care.


powerfulwmn - October 30

My mom has FM and she also developed agonizing symptoms like yours; it turns out she has "facet syndrome". Her doc says that sitting is the WORST thing for it. She makes it a point to get up from the desk and walk a bit from time to time; it doesn't fix it, but it will get much worse much more quickly if you don't. Good luck!


Auvonto - November 2

thanks for your info Fantod. i will look at all of the information you provided. My hip is alot better thank goodness. after i posted this it was so bad my oldest daughter was going to her senior homecoming and we went to the mall to shop for a dress she had to wheel me around in a dag on wheel chair uggg and one of those electric motors at wal-mart double ugggg. but i hope that i never feel that pain again the usual pain is more than enough. also thanks powerfulwmn i will look into that as well. hope your mom does better. i too sit all day at a dag on computer and have to get up every so often. talk to yall later. and thanks again



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