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Hip pain?
3 Replies
LadyNae - July 13

Hey everyone,
Ok so here is the deal. Today I have a pain in what feels like my hip bone, it feels like a needle is poking it over and over and over again, all day long so far. I have had it in the past but it has never lasted for more than a couple of hours. Has anyone else had this problem? Do any of you have suggestions to help get rid of it? I am thinking it is more of a nerve pain than anything, and have taken my gabapentin as usual but after not noticing anything I took some Tylenol with still no relief. Any suggestions or whatever would be welcomed.
Lady Nae


Fantod - July 13

Lady Nae - It could be bursitis which is common among people with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have it in both hips and shoulders. The pain varies from a sharp pain to chronic ache of varying severity. You should get this checked by your doctor or an orthopedist. Bursitis can be very persistent even with proper treatment.

Certain things can set it off: weather changes, red meat, tomatoes, fast food, sitting a lot and several other things. Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme that breaks up bursitis. (You still need to see the doctor.) Eat as much of it as you can stand. Or, go to the healthfood store and and buy the highest strength bromelin capsules you can find.

I have been through PT several times, had a cortisone shot in one hip out of sheer desperation, eaten pineapple to no avail. It has been 4 years and I am still having problems. I hope that is not the problem. Good luck and take care.


LadyNae - July 14

Thank you Fantoid. I called my Dr. before first posting and will hopefully hear back from him tomorrow. Apparently today was a half day for him (go figure) lol.


January - July 14

I had really bad hip pain for over 6 months, couldn't rotate the joint, bad enough to wake me up - refused the cortisone shots. It eventually just went away! THEN I got horrible pain in my shoulder; again, can't rotate the joint in certain directions - the dr. said it was tendinitis. That's been going on for 6 months but is getting better. Here's what has helped me.

Supplements: hyaluronic acid, collagen, SAM-e. Pineapple. (I got the bromelain 500 mg, but it was too much and hurt my stomach.) I tried using DMSO cream which is used on horses and some alternative treatments. It's controversial, and can be hard on your kidneys. All I can say is I think it really helped with my pain, and I had no side effects that I know of. (Research online, and check with your dr. before using these.)

Meds: low dose prescription pain meds help the best; but I use very little, so still had pain. I can no longer tolerate NSAIDs by mouth at all ( a lesson to you daily NSAID users!). My dr. gave me Voltaren gel (which is an NSAID) and he told me the warnings on the box were just there because they "had to" put them there. The Voltaren really helped with pain - however, I developed stomach pain. NOT as severe as if I had taken an Advil, but enough to bother me. I talked to my pharmacist, and he said that since the medication is in my bloodstream, it goes everywhere, and can trigger stomach pain, as well as cardiovascular problems, just like any oral NSAID. Guess I'm done with the Voltaren gel. But if you can tolerate NSAIDs, I recommend that.

You will probably be offered cortisone shots, but I'd try other things first. Depends on how bad YOUR pain is and if you can stand to wait it out. Fantod is right, weather makes the pain worse for me.



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