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Hip joints, coxyx area and aches and pains...
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Eleanor - May 12

I've just been watching the news and there was a report on fibromyalgia aimed at increasing awareness of the condition. I noted down the name and have come here, as I have had for the past 2 years or so inexplicable pain on both sides of my hips. It increases significantly if I press on the tender points (about where the joints are), and the pain will tend to persist for a couple of days. I have also had pain to the side of the coxyx and along what is probably the top of the hip . I have been to see a rheumatologist and had blood tests. I got the distinct impression that the doctor did not take me seriously, which was a bit trying, but this problem (of not being taken seriously) was commented upon as often being the case for fibromyalgia sufferers. It is true that I can still not identify what it is that sets off the pain, other than perhaps the angle of posture when seated in a car, that does tend to make both hips and coxyx area ache. Once the blood test results were analysed and no problems identified, I have not taken the matter further. The intensity of the pain has subsided (it was at one point waking me up in the night - perhaps best described as a dull throbbing ache) however I am troubled that the pain remains. Right now, when pressed, these areas feel as if they are permanently bruised.

I am 37, and trying as yet unsuccessfully to conceive, though not yet overly worried about that. I have had increasingly painful and heavy menstruation, though again no real problems identified by the gynae, I'm glad to say. I do tend to have bouts of insomnia, and have noticed a reduction in libido.

I've read the descriptions of the symptoms, and certainly cannot claim to have pain in 11 points, as described. Nor is the hip joint indicated as a typical tender point. So perhaps I should not take this further? I was really quite alarmed when this began (very strangely, it began about a week after my mother told me her hips were very painful), but have decided not to dwell on it. Nonetheless the report on the television did make me want to seek more information about fibromyalgia. I'd be grateful for any opinions or advice as to whether I should talk to a doctor about it. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Fantod - May 13

Hello Eleanor - I've got a couple of thoughts for you. First of all, go and see an orthopedic specialist. The pain you are experiencing may be related to your spine or something to do with the hip joint. At the very least an MRI might solve the mystery. If you are still uncertain about it being FMS, call your local hospital and ask the physcian referral service for a recommendation to see another rheumotologist that treats FMS. Not all rheumotologists are created equal especially when it comes to fibromyalgia. II would certainly seek out an orthopedic opinion first. I wish you well.


Eleanor - May 13

Thank you Fantod. I will certainly take your advice, as soon as I have settled into my new place of residence. I have also realised that at a point half way down my outer thigh I have another place where if I put pressure it feels sore. I had thought it was a bruise a few days ago, but it should have disappeared by now, and I have the same soreness at exactly the same place on the other thigh.


nemesis - May 13

hi try this sit on a chair raise left leg and curl your foot towards you is there any pain? repeat with right leg and what bloods did have done


Eleanor - May 13

Hello nemesis. I don't think so, no. I'm not sure if you meant bending the knee or not, but either way I don't feel particular pain. Not more than the constant aching that my recent proddings have provoked. Reading about something else similar to fibromyalgia (can't quite remember what, and I don't want to worry myself overly) I came across numbness and tingling mentioned. I have in the last perhaps 3 years or so occasionally (quite infrequently) woken, lying on my back with my hands on my upper body to find that I have a bad case of pins and needles, and that one hand has gone to rubber. Not something I associated with the pains in my hips, nor something I've mentioned to the doctor, though I have meant to.


nemesis - May 13

pins n needles and floppy hands could indicate carpal tunnel syndrome with your palm facing upwards put your thumb on your pulse then move it to the centre of the wrist press your thumb fimly into your wrist is there any tingling if you catch it quickly theres plenty of natural remedies to control it and what blood test did they do


Fantod - May 14

The area you are describing is actually a tendon that runs down the outer thigh on both legs. They are like giant elastic bands. Mine are sore from my hips to my knees on both sides from bursitis. This is not something to be trifled with; it can get a lot worse fast. Fresh pineapple has an enzyme in it that helps break up bursitis. I eat it regularly and it does help reduce some of the swelling/pain. Getting rid of bursitis once it is well established is next to impossible. If that is indeed what you are experiencing, I would urge you to seek treatment ASAP. I've lived with this for almost two years now. I've tried conventional medicine and holistic medicine to no avail. Believe it when I say it is a miserable experience that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Take care.



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