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Hip Buttock and Upper Leg Pain
8 Replies
dkore - January 20

Does anyone experience severe hip and butock and upper leg pain?


Fantod - January 20

Have you been checked for bursitis which is common in people with fibromyalgia? It can cause the type of pain that you are describing. You need to see a doctor for evaluation and treatment. Bursitis can be difficult to get rid of completely even with proper treatment. I speak from experience as I have it in both hips.
Along with treatment you can try eating fresh pineapple daily. Pineapple has an enzyme that helps to break up bursitis. I hope that my comments are helpful to you. Take care.


axxie - January 21

Oh I had this and not it would seem it has disapear. Could be imflamation, try drinking green tea after supper, it really has helped me.


13tracy13 - January 21

I was just wondering if you sit alot during the day? I have a desk job and by mid day the pain in my hips, buttocks and upper legs are almost unbearable. I just figured it was because I sit so much, not sure though, I see my Dr next week and this is one of the things I'll be asking him about.


dkore - January 21

Yes, I have been diagnosed with hip bursitis and sacroliliac dysfunction and piriformis syndrome and a variety of things. I find it hard to believe these things can be severe in pain and progressively worsening. I would think they would be short term and less painful. My pain feels very deep into the bone and extremely painful. I get very scared and think maybe it is something very serious.


Fantod - January 22

dkore - I have had bursitis with proper treatment for over 2 years. It is quite severe at times and the pain can be mind bending. I have tried accupuncture which worked well but was too expensive to continue. You might try asking your doctor for the Flector pain patch. This is a patch that does not get into your bloodstream. Wherever it is applied is where it works so it won't interfere with other meds you may be taking. You wear it 12 hours on and 12 off. I've found that it works pretty well for hip pain as well as back pain.

By the way, I am not kidding when I say that fresh pineapple has an enzyme that helps break up bursitis. I eat it regularly. You should also not eat any deep fried foods as they will also worsen bursitis. Take care.


Lydia - February 7

I've bad hip, buttock and upper leg pain in the back of my legs. Mine are all from the tender points located in those specific spots. Massage therapy pushes the pressure out as I go every 2 weeks.


depulliam - February 21

I started having trouble with my hip, and butt and leg since this last big flair in the fall. The doctors called it bursitis and probable problems with a bulging disk in my back. I was doubtful since I had had these problems before. This seems connected to the fibromyalgia. I went to physical therapy with a therapist who really knows fibromyaliga and she told me there is a condition that mimics bursitis in fibro patients but doesn't respond to the traditional treatments for it. She is useing ultrasound and massage and the pain is improving. See if you can find a PT and massage therapist that is familar with fibromyalgia to help. Hope this was helpful. Good luck, I know how painful this is.


writerchick - February 21

I have to say these are the most prominent areas for my pain. It is made worse by sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, my job requires many hours of driving and sitting at a table. I am currently without health insurance, but will be treated at a Veteran's Administration facility soon. I have tried massage, but it makes the pain worse (I find this everywhere on my body). Any recommendations for meds I can ask the doctor about and exercises that help would be appreciated. Thanks!



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