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hight sweats
11 Replies
Ruth Williams - August 3

can night sweats be associated with fibromyalgia?


Joni - November 17

Not sure, but I have them too. Some meds can cause sweats. I am 41 & it could be a hormone thing..Probably should get that checked out.


Samantha - November 17

Can also be menopause depending on your age, but getting real hot seems to be one of my fibro symptoms especially at night. I don't exactly sweat, but just get really hot. This also occurs at times during the day - flushes I guess? I'm past menopause...


Beverly - November 17

In my case it's caused by the meds. Unfortunatly I have to take them. If I have to take a whole one I wake up completly soaked both me and the bed.


Adriane - November 18

I get night sweats, not all the time but frequently..I am in a huge worst of my life flare up and still having the sweats...


Andrea - November 18

Yes I get them too, compeletly drenched, it's so annoying, because most of the time i'm to tired to shower, but i do anyway...:(


Jean - November 20

Yes, night sweats can occur with Fibromyalgia. They can also occur with hypertension and memapause. So now you will have to sft out with your doctors what is causing the problem. The rule out mode.


RAJNISH - July 27



Lynne - July 28

I wake up in the mornings sometimes in a sweat, but the sweating does not wake me up, my blood test for homonal changes was normal so I know it is not hot flashes. I am not sure what is causing it.


mary - August 1

I get night sweats sometimes too ....could be a medication reaction.....on any meds?


Tim - August 3

Ladies I don't know if this helps but one of my main issues of complaint to my dr. before my diagnoses is the night sweats I get.. soaking wet without any fevers.. Hope this helps Ruth.


Lynne - August 3

Thanks Tim, this is one of my question I am going to ask my doctor on my next visit. Helps to keep a record of questions.



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