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Hiccup, burp, tickle
11 Replies
DEBRA - October 4

I have't really seen this posted yet, but I have had major indigestion lately as well, anyone else with this problem??


Stephanie417 - October 5

I seem to have it off and on... once i even woke up in the middle of the night choking from what I guess was something like acid reflux... So yeah.. I get it.. weather its related to the fibro or just something I ate.. I dont know..


Debra4Real - October 5

Hi:Debra I have major acid problems.When it gets really bad i drink pickle juice.I know that sounds strange,but it helps calm my acid down.Alot of people that have fibromyalgia have alot of acid build up.Get you Doctor to check your PH body acid.You can buy PH strips at your local drug store.They are very easy to use.Godd Luck. And i hope you feel better soon.Take Care.Always Debra...


JJ1 - October 5

Indigestion and gastric problems are all part of FMS. Surprisingly, they are not on the list of symptoms on the left hand bar of this website. I have both Irritable bowel syndrome as well as gastric esophogeal reflux disease. I actually had the GERD before I had FMS symptoms, but the acid has gotten much worse with FMS and when I am under the most stress and have multiple symptoms flaring up, even Nexium won't help the GERD.


JJ1 - October 5

Debra4Real - pickle juice? ugh. I would vomit. I would live with the acid reflux before drinking pickle juice, lol!


TERESA - October 5

Another thing that works for indigestion is baking soda. Drink a small amt. (heaping tablespoon) disolved in water. It tastes awfull but it works really well!!


TERESA - October 5

Stephanie, to keep acid from coming back up your esophogus in the nigth , don't eat a big or grease meal just before bed & sleep with a couple of pillows under your head. If you have this acid reflux very often see a doctor because tthis is not only annoying, but it is dangerous! Stomach acid will errode the lining of your esophogus & may lead to VERY dangerous diseases of the esophogus!!


Janie - October 5

I have had relux wake me up at night too... its awful. 'Gaviscon' is amazing for coating the throat & stopping this, you can buy it at any drugstore pharmacy. Drinking pickle juice hey Debra.... real funny joker. Maybe its just me , but I have a hard time trusting anything that anyone by 'that' name would reccommend ingesting, probably not advisable kids....


JJ1 - October 5

My reflux is so bad that i had to have an endoscopy performed to ensure that the esophageal lining wasn't harmed (it wasn't) but in doing so they found I had a small hiatal hernia which is the cause of my reflux. It doesn't matter what I eat, I always have acid trying to back up into my esophagus, even when standing! so I must take medication all the time. This is something I brought up here before. I have read that there are some nutrients, if missing from the diet, can cause FMS-like symptoms. I have also read that we need our stomache acid to help absorb these nutrients into our system (iodine was one). So I have been concerned that my treatment for gastric reflux could be causing our exacerbating my FMS symptoms. I have a big problem with absorbing iron, become anemic easily and twice have had IV injections of iron to keep myself functioning.


BrandyO - October 5

I don't suffer from this except for the occasional burp. I sympathize with those of you who do tho. My mother in law suffers terrible and I see first had how miserable she is because of it.


Debra4Real - October 6

Hi:Janie Thanks for you kind words.I cannot change my name for you.Please try to be nice.Thank you.


barbar - October 6

Come on, guys, let's speak to the issue of indigestion, which is a major component of FMS. There are different experiencese of it and because FMS tends to leave its mark on any other affliction we might have, it tends to complicate things. For example, I had serious stomach surgery a while back which essentially resulted in a re-engineering of my plumbing. As a result, I have to sit with my hands and forearms applying pressure to my abdomen for a couple of hours after I eat. Not very pleasant, but this post-surgery problem is a direct result of complications from the FMS. Point being, if you have GERD or anything similar, it will be complicated by FMS in addition to the 'normal' indigestion issues imposed by the FMS.



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