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Hi I found this site, Need Advice please...
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Ginge - July 28

I am a 44 yr old resonably in shape male,
In the last 12 mths I have had two carpal tunnel surgerys, once on each hand, most recent being 12 weeks ago, I still have tingling and numbing hands along with neck and shoulder pain, I cant move every morni ng I so bloody stiff and sore all over,I take a strong sleep pill to sleep and Percocets to dull the pain, my fingers seem to swell as well, I was thinking arthritis, my wife told me to look at this site, any responses will be appreciated, also get headaches daily, eyesight failing me, Cheers Ginge


Noca - July 28

Welcome to the board! I have had 4 surgeries so far on my bones from a bone disease I have(I also have fibromyalgia. I am in pain everyday and battle fatigue. I take Dilaudid, Fentanyl, and Celebrex for my pain.

As for your headaches, they can be caused by untreated vision problems.


Ginge - July 28

Thank you for the reply Noca:)
Im hoping I dont have this Fibromyaliga thing, but all my symptons point that way, Im a atrucker and have been unable to work for the last 12 weeks, its frustating to say the least, Thanks again , Off to dr this week will see what he comes up with!


Stacey373 - July 28

Hi Ginge! I originally started going to doctors for headaches. I have constant headaches and usually once a week I will get a migraine "like" headache that will put me in bed for a couple of days. (although I've been real lucky lately, knock on wood! LOL) I also have horrible neck and shoulder problems...All the time. I've found out that there are a few reasons I'm getting such horrible constant headaches.
The first being the Fibro which does cause headaches. the second is Myofacial Pain, which are knots in my neck and shoulders that I get for absolutely NO reason. And the third is TMJ syndrome...which I never realized could be so severe, but it causes headaches and neck pain. You can check all of these things out if you click on the 'Associated conditions" box on the left side of the screen.

Along with all the other symptoms of Fibro, the constant headaches are extremely hard to deal with. I have to say I can usually handle all the other problems, aches, and pains...but the headaches are what debilitate me.

Just so you know...none of these things showed up on any x-ray or Mri. I've dealt with these problems for many years and the doctors would tell me that there is nothing wrong with me or that it was caused by depression (or that it was "all in my head!"). It became VERY frustrating, to say the least!

My husband had carpal tunnel surgery on both his hands last year...within one week of each other. It did take him about 3 months for them to stop hurting completely and the doctors said it would take up to a year for them to be completely healed. He will occasionally have a little pain in his hands if he does something to aggravate it...but he's basically 100% back to normal. (He even went back to school 3 months after the surgeries to use his artistic skills because he can finally draw again!) but if you are still having that much pain and problems, you should definitely talk to your doctor about it.

You probably already know this, but the major symptoms of fibro are these things - chronic pain for at least 3 months (many of us have dealt with this for years before being diagnosed), pain in all 4 quadrants of the body, and pain when there is pressure on the spots where a doctor does the 18 point Trigger point test. and of course, extreme fatigue is also a major symptom because your body doesn't get a chance to heal when you are alseep with fibro. One of the only tests they can do is test you for a Vitamin D deficiency. Most fibro sufferers have that. Also most fibro people are women, but men DO get this too. it's just not something a doctor is going to initially look at because you are male. And the doctors will usually rule out all other possibilities before they will diagnose fibro.

I hope this helps you...I just woke up so I hope this all makes sense! LOL Don't give up and keep going to the doctors until they can give you some sort of diagnosis. It took me about 10 years to finally find out what was wrong with me and I actually had to research it and take my findings to my doctor to be diagnosed with Fibro.

Good Luck and Take Care of yourself, Stacey :o)



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