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hi have fibro but want a baby
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emma lou - September 25

hi im frm the uk and just found this site... im 26 had this wen i was 23 but only been diangosed with this since last xmas.. im not taking medication ive chosen not to as it made me worse and tryed quite few differnt types of meds i feel my pain but im use to it sumtimes my pain goes wen im laughin happy being social and learning to close the gates frm the nerve to brain... but the problem i have now is i wants kids, ive just got married and me and my husband want our 1st child and i think shud i wait abit longer or does this get worse with age??

im afaid of afta bein pregnant to as my left arm painful and weak i stuggle to hold things for while and pick things up.. so im worried and hav been upset bout how im gona luk afta a baby.. my symtoms are also side of left face, neck bottom bac left shoulder down arm to hand.. n legs frm hips down to ankles sumtimes back of legs n front of neck..

ive already started taking frolic acid and vitamans and or tho im stil in pain but im findin my body in side feels differnt bright bit more energy..

can ne one give me advice on being pregant with this wat it was like?


lucky13 - October 1

I have been diagnosised with Fibro for 3 years now, I am pregnant for the 2nd time since my diagnosis and I have less flares and pain during my pregnancies, however near the end of 3rd trimester my flares come back.

I would suggest a 2nd opinon on your diagnosis since your problems are on your left side, Fibro pain is on both sides of the body, I'd hate for you to have something that the Drs missed, and that's why the meds didn't work for you.
Good luck.


Myriam - October 6

Hi THere! I was diagnosed with Fibro last march. I am 28 today. My husband and I were planning on trying to conceive but when I was diagnosed, we decided to wait. In June, we realized one thing. Fibro aint going away, we dont know if it will be getting worst or better. I have fibro real bad in my back, arms, hands wrists and shoulders. I have also alot of exhaustion. I take folic acid, vitamin D and a multivitamin. I do not take medication. When my husband and I decided to go ahead anyway, I was very scared. I found out on Friday that I am 7 weeks pregnant. My first one. My fibro symptoms are pretty much gone, however, I am EXTREMELY tired!

I dont know what is going to happen now. I do know that I may need a little bit more help than others because of my fibro after delivering the baby. I think you need to discuss with your husband if he is willing to support you a little more than other pregnant women or new moms. I am not totally symptoms free. I feel better, except for the tiredness. I think it is a very personnal decision, between you and your husband. I really told me to go ahead for me was the not knowing what will become of my fibro.

Hope this help, Good Luck!


Stacey373 - October 7

Congratulations Myriam!

As for the fibro stuff and being pregnant...just like each person has different fibro problems, pregnancies are different too. Even each pregnancy I had was different. I had 3 c-sections. My first one there were complications during surgery and I almost died. My second one was super easy and I was up and going within a couple of weeks. My 3rd one took me FOREVER to get over. I think I was dealing with the fibro stuff by the time I got pregnant with my 3rd child and that is why it took me so long to get over the surgery.

You have to remember the pregnancy is only 9 months....but the baby stuff is for years! I really think if I had known what was wrong with me (the fibro stuff) that I would have been able to deal with a baby alot better. Having fibro and a baby is hard. Even "normal" people have a hard time. You don't get much sleep and no matter how you feel, you have to get up and take care of that baby.

With that being said...having a baby is the greatest thing EVER!!! They are ALWAYS worth the sacrifices we have to make for them. And I agree that as long as your partner is willing to help and be even more of a participant than guys will get through this just fine. You'll eventually look back and wonder how you ever got along without that child in your life.

I wish you both the best and I promise that no matter how difficult it feels at is SO worth it! Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - October 7

I also wanted to add that although during the pregnancy you can't take the meds that are needed to deal with Fibro, there are options out there once you have the baby. You don't have to breast feed, and if you don't, you can take your meds which will help you even more to be able to take care of that baby every day. Just something else to think about. It's OKAY if you go back on the meds. Just remember that the better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of your kids.


cc4eva - October 9

hi emma lou i have been suffering from fibro since i was 7 but the docs never knew wat was wrong with me and put it down to growin pains. i am now 20 and recently gave birth to my first child, my symptoms got a lot better during in pegnancy the only thing that hurt was my left hip felt like it was cramping up all the time. the only thing is that after giving birth the pain and the tiredness has come back but even worse, my son is now 8 months old and sometimes cant even hold him its gone to my fingers now and sometimes lose all feeling in my legs and arms. if you can deal with the pain and tiredness i would def have a baby at the end of the day all the pain is worth it.
hope this helped and good luck



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