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Hi everyone, I am new here
14 Replies
bella007 - November 27

Hello everyone I just found this forum on friday, and thak god for that. I have been feeling sick for the last 5 yrs, it started off with a sore arm,extreme tiredness,insomnia. My doctor did some blood tests ,xrays yada yada, told me its probably a virus, gave me antibaotics and dismissed me, well my symptoms worsened, low grade fever all the time sore skin ,loss of balance, very bad pains in my legs and arms, loss of memory , tingling in the fingers,like an electric shocks and i am so tired all the time that I quit my job.Last Friday I desided to educate myself,I found this site and forum,and couldn't believe what I was reading, that there are so many of you just like me and that I am not crazy, I was thinking that maybe its all in my head,but its not.After getting all the information about fibro I went to my doctor the next day and made him listen to me!! He agreed that this is what i have , told me there is no cure and that he is going to a fibro lecture and will let me know if there is some new treatment, I wouldn't be holding my breath for that. Anyway I am relived in a way that at least I know whats wrong with me, this forum has helped me alot thanks to all. Sorry for my spelling mistakes English is my second languge.


Virg - November 27

Welcome bella007....and your spelling is just fine! Thats pretty great you educating the doctor as well. Lets hope he does attend a lecture, it would make life better for you.


CarrieLee - November 27

welcome bella. your post resonated with me & my experience.... welcome!


barbar - November 28

bella007 are you still there? First of, don't worry about your English, it's great. May I ask what your first language is? You are now on the long, arduous path of having to manage your illness. Make sure your doctor is as convinced as you are that fms is what you have. Hate to say this, but it sounds like he may not know enough to make the diagnosis. Part of the problem we have is that we are on the fringes of trational medicine and hence on the fringes of most doctor's knowledge. We are easily dismissed and, worse, easily abused. The unscrupulous doctors, physical therapists, the whole lot, are eager to take advantage of our agonies and so we have to pay careful attention to diagnoses, medications, and prognoses. The alternative side of medication isn't much better, I'm afraid. How many times have I seen advertisements for radical and immediate cures for fms as long as you lay your money down. For example, the Fibro and Fatigue centers want a minimum $350 for the first visit, and about $250 for every one after that. You can always apply to your insurance company for a refund but you may not get it. You have to ask yourself, "Am I really $1,000 in pain?" Well, probably, but I'd much rather spend it on a nice leather handbag (or two) and some new clothes. That might make me feel a lot better. Anyway, welcome and please feel free to jump right in there.


bella007 - November 28

Hi Barbar, thanks for writing back,my first language is russian, and I also agree with you about beeing dismissed by doctors, for about 5yrs I have been complaining about all of my symptoms and got nothing but antibiotics from my Dr. He is like a drug dealer as soon as you come in he just gives you drugs and leaves,he doesn't give you more then 5 minutes.Very frustrating!!!! Oh my mother in law called this morning and said that fibro is a yappy illness!! that really made me mad,just ignorant. thanks for letting me vent!!!


barbar - November 29

Hey Bella007, Mothers-in-law are not willing to understand. They just want to find anything to get you on. As for the anti-biotics, that might not be such a bad idea. Have you been tested for Lyme's disease? It's symptoms are identical to fms, the difference is that it is curable with anti-biotics. It's difficult to find a specialist in treating the disease, but that's what you have to have. Good luck.


CarrieLee - December 13



CarrieLee - December 13

Hi again Bella, how are things going for you now... I know what a relief it is to finally find out what is wrong with you! Your english is just great, dont worry :)


Jeri - December 14

hiya bella007. like the james bond twist on ur name! i went thru the same thing as u. i was sick for about 3 yrs & jus kept getting brushed off until i started researching my symptoms. my mum also has fibro so i kinda thought i might have it 2. anyway, i know how it feels to wonder what is going on. its a relief to just know.


bella007 - December 15

Hello CarrieLee and Jerri ,great to hear from you,I was just reading some of the new posts and they sound very bad ,I am not sure why everyone is fighting, I found this forum after all the action, but I hope that things will turn around for the better.I like coming here everyday just to see how people are doing , who is feeling better or who needs support, a kind word, or a good laugh. I REALLY hope that this madness will stop.Its raining cats and dogs where I live , we all need some cheering up, its almost Christmas!!! Happy Holidays everyone and a much better year!!!!!


Virgie - December 15

Hi Bella007, My first language was russian to. I grew up in a russian speaking community. Where I live right now we're in for a major wind and rain storm and being near the ocean the news says we are going to be hit hard.
But even exhausted from setting up for
Christmas and having a fibro flare it'll be cozy here and now the parties and gatherings start so it will be a happy holiday, which I wish for you..... Virgie


bella007 - December 15

HI Virgie, we are waiting for a big storm to hit us here in Vancouver too. I hope my dogs don't fly away when they go pee in the back yard lol. By the way were you born in russia, how do you know russian?


Virgie - December 15

Well HI There West Coast Lady!!! I 'm on the Island. The storm is pretty wild eh?
We live 2 blocks from the Inner Harbour and Fishermans wharf. My cats aren't even asking to poke thier noses outside.
My grandparents came from Russia and settled into a russian community in the Kootenays and hence I went to russian and english school. Was I ever confused. Talk about Fibro Fog. Nice to meet someone close by. Hope this weather isn't being too hard on your fibro points. LOL


kaye - December 15

hello the most frustrating thing is when nobody believes fibro is real they are like it is all in your head so i dont tell many people.. just dont let this get you down there are many options out there for fibro patients now. i take cmbalta and ambien and i feel great ive only been on them a month though so good luck and try to exercise. kaye


JJ1 - December 18

kaye, I also think exercise is important. Sometimes it is hard when you feel so sore or so fatigued, but I try to at least take my dog on a nice long walk each day. I generally do a lot of running around at home and work (up and down stairs a lot) so I think just staying active is important.



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