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Hi Everyone
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winston47 - December 11

I just found this site as i was surfing and trying to find out what some of the symtoms i am having are being caused by. My name is Bill. I am 63 years old and on Social Security. I have had a major heart attack 5 years ago, and have a stent in place. I also have had bi lateral hip replacement. About a year ago I started experiencing pain in my knees, ankles, and hands, mainly in my fingers. The pain is usually severe when i first wake up, and begins to subside after i begin moving about. I am usually preety good until about 5:00 PM, and then it returns full strength. It becomes painful to get out of my recliner and just walk to the bedroom. My fingers sometimes swell, and I have a hard time opening and closing my hands. The pain is so severe at times that I can't sleep.
Lately the pain has gotten severe, and I am experiencing chronic fatigue. I just feel like all I want to do is lie down and sleep. I am living in Florida, and the weather has just made a drastic change from warm to cold.
I guess my question is do you think I could have fibromyalgia. My PCP, says I suffer from osteoarthritis, and has prescibed opiates to help with the pain. I don't understand why I am fatigued and tired, and now am wondering if I could have fibromyalgia. I would be grateful for any feedback I can receive, and wonder if anyone else has eperienced what I am going through. Thanks for any comments and hel.


Fantod - December 11

Bill - Welcome to the board! Based on your description, I don't think that you have Fibromyalgia (FMS). There is no swelling associated with it unless it is medication related. And, dealing with a high level of pain constantly would exhaust anyone. It is no wonder that you are tired all of the time.

Your PCP should have recommended that you see a rheumotologist right away to see what is causing your symptoms. Has rheumatoid arthitis been ruled out as a possibility? Fibromyalgia causes pain in all four quandrants (see the blue boxes on the lefthand side of this page) and it is constant.

I have a big problem with your PCP prescribing opiates without determining the cause of the pain first. To me, that does not seem like a responsible way to practice medicine. I have osteoarthitis and do not take opiates. Typically an anti inflammatory like Mobic is prescribed. I would encourage you to make an appointment with a rheumotologist ASAP.

Good luck to you and take care.



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