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Hi everybody, i'm new here : )
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white chocolate - November 20

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and am finding just coping with day to day tasks such a struggle as I'm always in pain or exhausted..the usual fibro things! I also work a couple days a week and am always shattered when I get home to my partner who has usually cooked a meal(bless him) and is always pleased to see me. Sometimes I feel too tired to speak and the last thing I want to do is eat. I feel moody,tired and very alone.I also resent having to go to work as this is what's making me struggle, trying to stay alert when I'm so exhausted & in pain. I get severe head pain & trying to cope & be professional when I'm in severe pain is exhausting in itself.
I'm trying to keep this brief as it's my first posting & i feel like I'm having a moan but at least i know anyone reading this probably knows where I'm coming from!
Fibro hugs to you all x


Fantod - November 20

Hi white chocolate and welcome to the forum! Give us some background on what you are taking for Fibromyalgia (FMS). This is a pretty knowledgable group of people. More heads are better than one - we may be able to give yousome pointers to relieve some of your symptoms. Take care.


brooksidefarm - November 20

Welcome! This is the place to lay your moaning. We do not mind detail. God bless you.


white chocolate - November 24

I take Ibuprofen modified release 800mg..two early evening, for the pain.
I'm also on Amitriptyline at night & Propranolol 40mg three times a day to control headaches. I have Sumatriptan 50mg for migraine & for which I take for the severe head pain sometimes.
I suffer from the usual headaches from time to time & migraines regularly but by far the worse symptom is what i call 'my shadow'. It's a severe feeling of pain that varies in depths of pain & a creeping numbness sensation and it sits on my upper left side of head.Nearly on the top of my head.
It's been there a number of years without any change & I'm not of the frame of mind that it's something sinister as I know how strange this Fibromyalga 'malarkey' I'm blessed with is!
Last year i had some treatment on the NHS..'myofascia release' & from having the treatment it suddenly went away for about 4mths and although my body was still painful in other ways, i coped.
Then the shadow returned & it's draining & drowning me.
The treatment is no longer available on the NHS so I've paid privately for it but as yet it hasn't helped. The cost of private treatment I hasten to add isn't that expensive per session but obviously it has an effect on my families budget which i feel puts me under strain.


Noca - November 24

Welcome to the board :)


white chocolate - November 24

Thanks for the welcome messages xxx
It's nice to be able to communicate and know it's being read by people who understand fully the array of symptoms being experienced. And that they're very real.
I'm living in the UK..I say this as I see the time difference on the comments posted!



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