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Hi - Im a newcomer here too
12 Replies
blondie27 - November 28

Hi Everyone.
I cant tell you what a relief it is to find a website and forum that specializes in what I have.
Its such a relief too to see that I am not the only one with this. I have been a long term sufferer since the age of 8 years old. I have been through the mill with Dr's , Specialists, you name it, my childhood was spent in and out of doctors rooms, hospitals, and after many years of not being able to ascertain a correct diagnosis, I was later diagnosed with Fybromyaglia and Myofacial Pain Syndrome.I also realised I had IBS too.
The huge amount of symptoms eased up to a point where I could live life a little better, and be able to have a job and to try and achieve some normality in my life. That lasted for about 2.5 yrs until i was diagnosed again with it 4 months ago. On and off I have been feeling really lousy the last 24 months and I put that down to stress, and the normal goings on from day to day life, but I now at the age of 27 have it all over again.
Where I live there are no support groups for Fybromyaglia and so I am back to taking things on a day to day basis. Im so lucky that my husband is so totally caring and understanding and is always by my side, which helps enormously.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself, say Hi and get u all up to speed on where I am at.......
Speak soon


bella007 - November 29

Hi blondie27. Welcome, I am new too ,just diagnosed last week, this forum is a great way to educate yourself, and get support . Hang in there we are all in the same boat.


teresat - November 29

Welcome Blondie27! How old where you when they first diagnosised you? You ARE lucky to have someone in your life that understands!! Are you on any treatment or medication regiment? Do you see a regular DR or rheumatologist?Hear from you soon!!


blondie27 - November 29

Hi again,
I was 8 yrs old when I first was diagnosed.
I have a great GP who I see ona regular basis, and Im on something called Laroxyl, which is a very mild anti-depressant ( not that I need anti-depressants! ) but it is also used for people in my situation where it helps the body to slowly over time feel pain less, in other words it helps to make the body more stronger and less likely to feel the pain so much. I have been on it now for 1 month and 1 week. Dr said I wouldnt feel any differnce for at least 6 months to a year, which is depressing to hear, but Im giving it a go!
hear from you soon


teresat - November 29

OH MY!! That's too long!! I am on Cymbalta, which is also an anti-depressant. I have been on it for less than 2 months now & I was feeling better with in 2 weeks. I am taking it to help with sleep & morning stiffness. I am feel much better than I was 2 months ago!!! Hope this helps!!!


CarrieLee - November 29

Welcome Blondie! I am glad you found your way here. I cannot believe how long you have battled FMS & MPS. I have only had them for a few years & it feels like an eternity.... You must be one strong lady! I know for myself that the pain & symptoms started after a traumatic period in my life, many of us seem to have that experience.... did anything happen to you when you were a kid, or was your childhood extra stressful? Of course, you dont have to share the particulars, but I am interested to hear your thoughts about that. I have never heard of someone so young having this that bad. I'm so glad that you have a good man to lift you up. Take care!


blondie27 - December 3

Hi CarrieLee,
I know what you mean about it feeling like a eternity!! How it all started was I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr at the age of 7yrs, and during my late teens I went through alot of stress which of course did not help at all with my health!
But I guess that I have learnt to deal with the fact that what I have isnt going away anytime soon, and that I have to remain positive in order to maintain a equal medium within myself if you know what I mean. There are somedays where I just flip out and get so frustrated that I am feeling so yuk and I want to just sit and cry and scream, only to find out that after doing so, I dont feel that much better. I have found that taking things on a day to day basis really helps and I have learnt to try to listen to my body more. If Im having a crap day, I take it easy and if Im feeling ok, I grab the day and go for it.
Speak to ya soon


larry - December 4

I highly recommend that you read the book "From fatigued to Fantastic" by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. He is right on the money. He heads up the Annaplois, Maryland center for CFS and is educating the Center for Disease control on this syndrome. He has battled this syndrome himself and has been very successful. Recently the fibro and fatigue center asked him to be their medical director.

I suggest that you read his paperback book and get a good grip on understanding what has happened to your body. When you understand this syndrome you will better be able to screen doctors to find out if they truly understand Fibro. This is very real and when you read the book you will be better equipped to learn how to reverse this syndrome.

You can also go to Mary Sholom's site as she has screened doctors as well.

I would suggest that you also sign up for the newsletter at to help get educated. As far as medical insurance goes, I submit my bills to my insurance company and they pay for the bills as the doctors at write up the bills using medical diagnostic codes.


CarrieLee - December 9

Hi Blondie, it was really nice to hear back from you. You sound like such a strong girl. I guess I won't be around here much longer so I just wanted to say goodbye and take care. Your story inspired me so much! Take it easy and just keep putting one foot in front of the other kiddo! Bye and good luck :)


larry - December 11

Blondie27, if you had/have Epstein Barr then you also have hypothyroidism. Please read my post " A quick First thing to do for fast results". You will need to get both treated. I have both and feel so much better now that the hypo is under control with the use of bio-identical hormones. I am now working on the anti-virals for Epstein barr, among other things.


barbar - December 13

blondie27, if you are still with us, can your report in and let us know how you are doing?


CarrieLee - December 13

Hi Blondie, I took a break from this forum for a while but have decided to come back every so often. I used to get growing pains in my chest & back (my currnet problem area) when I was around 8 or 9 too! I was never put through all that you had to deal with but when I mentioned this to my doctor he did tell me that it is very common for young girls who have these *growing pains* as a precursor for fibromyalgia later in life.


Jeri - December 14

omg blondie27! i cant imagine having all this pain since i was 8 yrs old. you reminded me just now not to feel so sorry 4 myself. take it easy.



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