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Hey there, would like some opinions
10 Replies
volcodc - December 5


I am new here but wanted to explain my situation.
First of all im going to say I've went to the free clinic many times for headaches and chest pains and other problems but they always just prescribe me prescription strength aleve, which helps a tiny bit.

I haven't been diagnosed with FM but I sure do get a lot of symptoms here recently.

Ive been getting headaches everyday, and usually wake up with pain in my left elbow and left side of my chest. Also been getting dry mouth at night.
Pain in my knees at times, pain in abdominals sometimes, IBS.

Always something is deciding to hurt on my body and the free clinics can't tell me why. I can't afford to go see a real doctor because I dont have health insurance.

Also my fingers or hands will get really cold and turn white, and tingling sometimes in my cheeks and feet and hands.

Recently I have been having trouble concentrating and actually reading. I use to be able to speed read but now I have been finding myself going over a sentence twice or three times because I read a word or two wrong. And times I will go blank on something I should remember, then it comes to me after this "blank" moment.

Do you think I could have FM?



volcodc - December 5

I forgot to mention I have been having bad anxiety during all of this too. During the day I am usually good, but getting closer to night I get pretty anxious and sometimes panic over chest pains and such.


Fantod - December 5

Chris - It sounds like you may have fibromyalgia (FMS). You also may have Raynauds based on the description you gave of your hands turning cold etc. How about making a list of all of your symptoms that match FMS and taking it to the clinic? You really need to be on medication that is appropriate for FMS. OTC medication does not work for FMS. You should be on a low dose of an antidepressant like Cymbalta or Lyrica. For sleep, Amitriptyline is usually prescribed. I don't know if the clinic can provide those drugs or not. What I do know is that the drug companies have programs for people who cannot afford their prescriptions. You are in a tough bind but not treating your condition properly will only make things worse as time goes on. FMS places a lot of strain on the body. I hope you can find a way to get the assesment and treament that you need. Take care.


Amyloo - December 5

Hi Chris, Fantod gives some very good advise. I would also advise (if you can) to get tested for Lyme disease. I was first diagnosed with fibro in 05, then MS in 07, and have now tested postive for Lyme.

I am not saying all fibro, chronic fatigue etc is caused by lyme, but there does seem to be some type of corelation in many people. Amy


toots2889 - December 5

You very well could have. You need to get yourself checked for it. Have you tryed getting insurance through the county you live in? I also agree with Fantods suggestion of making a list and taking it in with you to the free clinic. But you still should try to get some kind of assistance through the county if you can so you can seek proper medical help if you do have it. I know it can be hard to ask for help but sometimes you have to. Good luck to you and keep us posted.


volcodc - December 5

Thanks for the advice guys.
Thats a good idea Fantod, the free clinic can prescribe drugs. They once tried to prescribe me anti-depressants but i quickly declined. I'm only depressed because im always hurting. I always wonder what its like to be someone else, not feel any pain at all, sounds nice.

The anxiety is bad too, think I have a brain tumor or something.

Thanks again for the advice, I think Im going to try my free clinic again


FibroGal - December 5

I can relate to your anxiety (the fear of having something worse) and the problem reading. I also have those issues. I think the "blank" moment is what is also referred to as a "fugue state." Very common in fibro and I get that all the time, too.


fibromontana - December 5

I take an anti-depressant Effexor; depression is depression rather it's because we are in so much pain or something else. I wouldn't be without it. I also take amitriptyline to sleep at night, but have to be careful to only take 1/2 a pill or I'm out for 24 hours. I have tried cymbalta and lyrica, but both made me so nautious I couldn't stand it.

What amazes me most obout FMS is that one day your pain can be in your fore arm; the next day your hip and other days my legs feel like they are 100 lbs. each. My husband doesn't understand taht some days just a simple hug is painful. I bruise super easy; it just gets old.

I've had an MRI of my brain and they tell me all is fine, but I'm sure if they could see "crazy" they would see it in my brain most days.


Fantod - December 6

Chris - I am very relieved to hear that the free clinic can prescribe drugs. Only certain classes of medication work for FMS and they are antidepressants. Be sure to tell them about your hands/Raynauds as well. Anxiety is a real common problem with FMS. Since I have been on Cymbalta, mine has lessened. I still have my moments. I try to remember to take several deep calming breaths - in through the nose and out of the mouth. You'd be amazed at how something so simple works so well. What I've learned (mostly the hard way) is not to worry about things that aren't eyeball to eyeball with you. If you can't see it, wait until you can and then run like h**l.
There is absolutely no point in torturing yourself. The only person who sufffers is you and you have to live there. I think you will feel much better once you get a couple weeks of medication in your system. Take care and let us know how how you are doing.


constantlydistracted - December 17

I can relate to so many of the things you are saying. I make myself do some kind of eye/hand/mind exercise every day. Even if its playing Hearts on the computer. Actually I do this mostly for my sanity to convince myself that I'm not crazy. With symptoms changing all the time I often wonder what will become of me. But never fear support is here. This discussion board has helped me in so many ways. Just keep reading there are so many compassionate souls here. And many have been doing this for years. Good luck to you.


13tracy13 - December 19

I have only been recently diagnosised with fibro.
One of the problems we face is that many Drs are unformiliar with it and do not know how to properly treat it. Even our pain is different. For my pain I use tylenol arthritis, it works better for me then the prescription alieve that my family Dr gave me. I agree that you should make a list of your symptoms, also take in a list of fibro symptoms so the free clinic can see that you have many of the same symptoms. Also while your doing you research go ahead and print of treatments, this may help the clinic since they may not normally deal with fibro patients. Also ask them if they have speciallist they work with that donate thier time to the clinic, it would be great if you could see a rheumatolgist(sp?).
Hope this helps, good luck.



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