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Hey there
2 Replies
beacher - July 15

I am new to this and wonder if anybody has these symptoms and how they cope and work.
I have recently been diagnosed and still in the I need to get rid of the pain.
I have major fett pain. It starts in the ankles and goes into every bone of my feet. The more I am on them the more I feel like I am walking in broken glass. I also get it in the wrist and hands.
I have pain in all joints but not as bad as my feet. I can handle those pains.
I was wondering if anybody else has had this.
I have tken two different kinds of med but nothing is touching any of the pain. How does one work with this. I am ready to quit my 12 hours a week job. I was working full time at a different job but was laid off last August, thank god!! This job is just a fill in till I can work again.


iliveinpain - July 15

Hopefully you're able to sit at work?? When I've had bad pain in my feet, I found it helps if I stretch out my calf muscles. The tighter these muscles get, the more it pulls on the muscles at the bottoms of my feet.

I don't know if this is what you have, but it's worth a try, to stretch your leg muscles as much as possible. I know I'll get leg pain from tightness in my lower back, and so on. It's referred pain, and it sucks!! Also make sure you're wearing a shoe with good support.

Best of luck to you!


bbass - July 15

hi beacher
the description of walking on broken glass describes the foot pain perfectly. I have found that diet change (organic, no dairy, no gluten, no soy,no corn, no sugar-still struggling wtih that one!) has helped alot.Infact around the time that I eliminated soy and corn,( before being diagnosed with fibro) I was going to a reflexologist and she said my feet had changed...they were no longer all puffy and squishy...they were almost normal. I can work with almost normal! Later I have added cymbalta and tramadol. It is doing much better, I literally thought at the age of 30 that I was going to have to use a wheelchair, it hurt so bad to walk on those puppies!
The palms of my hand still sometimes hurt, like my bones have no padding, if you know what I mean. Gripping the steering wheel of my van feels strange...anyway, the important thing is to find what works for you and not give up. Hope it helps, if nothing else know that you are not alone



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