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Here I go again !
17 Replies
TERESA - October 6

I had a doctors appointment today & he informed me he would be quiting in Dec. I don't have insurance or money, so I've been going to a clinic. It's been a rough go, but I was finale able to get my doctor to understand me. Now I have to start all over with a new doctor (that is when they get one). Now I am depressed!!


Virg - October 7

Just took a quick break getting ready for
move and saw your post, had to let you know that I am so sorry and feel for you.
I am going through the same thing with my doctor of 5 years retired. I've got a new doctor but it is not the same. I've commented to him about the Thyroid, MS factors etc and he's in space somewhere. We do have a problem and its a good post. How do we train new doctors?I'm at a loss but if we could go back and forth with ideas and we need all the feedback from the forum
girls (and guys) we could create a good
strategy for training our doctors. Believe
me they need it.


TERESA - October 7

Virg do you have insurance? I can't afford to just go find a new doctor & the clinic I go to only has a nurse practitioner(spelling?). She can not prescribe my meds!! I am working but only part time & I don't make much per hour. Sometime I think living in the US sucks! Especially for the poor!!


Virg - October 7

Hi, yes I do have insurance . It's mandatory here in Canada and my insurance is extended to scripts(most of them) I'm covered by disability, but finding a doctor who is knowledgable about Fibro is few and far between and it seems like one is a walking hypocondriact (SP?) when seeing a new
doc, The poor here are many and I'm not sure how clinics and offices deal with them. I consider myself very fortunate to have the disability coverage but I did work hard to get it and lived very
meagerly while I was suffering and applying, I'm sorry to hear that its tough to get a doctor let alone training him. Do you have any options at all?


TERESA - October 7

Usually when I get a doctor (like the one I had) I "train" them by feeding their God complex! You can not go in & already know your diagnosis. They will dismiss your oppinion off hand. You have got to coax them gently in your direction. Tell them your symptoms, wait for their response, then if they don't come to the conclution you want, ask them if it could be FMS. My doctor dissmissed FMS right away. He said that FMS was not a diagnosis, but rather a non-diagnosis. He then told me, that he took his patients with FMS off all pain meds because and I quote, THEY HAD PAIN WITH PAIN MEDS ANYWAY!! This was before I went to a rheumatologist. After a diagnosis from the rheumologist of FMS & lupus, he seem to have had a change of heart & now is treating me with a combination of pain meds, a pregablin, & an antidepressant. It has taken over a year though. This is why I am so upset! I have found that if you do your research, have a journal of symptoms, & know what is usually prescribed for you condition, that you can help your case a lot. Careful to not step on thier toes but be insistant.


AmberRose - October 8

Maybe you can have your doctor refer you to another doctor at another clinic , hes got to have colleagues that understand fibro, wouldn't hurt to ask, Good Luck in your search!


TERESA - October 8

Amber, that would be great but this is a little county clinic & he is the only doctor. they have a nurses practioner now, but she can't prescribe my meds. They are looking for another doctor, but they may not get one before he leaves. As I said in my other post, I live in the country ( in the Ozarks ) & there isn't a lot of doctor who come to work here. they have had three doctors here since I started going there a year and a half ago. These little clinics get doctors who are just starting their practice or ending it!


Stephanie417 - October 9

Teresa.. is it possible for you to get on assistance?.. I didnt have insurance when I first got pregnant with my daughter, so I applied to be covered untill my husbands new insurance kicked in.. I only needed it for a few months, but it stayed active for over a year.. It covered almost everything..with no co pay.. If you dont have much of an income.. they really have no reason to turn you down.. I know you are sort of secluded, but if you can find a way to apply... I suggest it...


TERESA - October 9

Stephanie I've applied for medicaid but they denied me! They said here in the state of Missouri, you have to be permantly and totaly disabled to get medicaid! Stupid huh, & now with this diagnosis I can't even get private insurance if I could afford it! There arre no breaks for those of us with low incomes!


Stephanie417 - October 9

oh.. that is BULLSHIT !!.. how nice for you... you know this is a great country when our own citizens can't get the care and help that you need.. Ill say this.. there are plently of lazy, unemployed jerk offs here in Iowa milking the system, spending their food stamp money on candy and crap... but hey.. if you really need help, sorry, cant help you...This makes me mad.. im sorry.. what a drag..


AmberRose - October 9

You know what i say Get a Wheelchair, somedays i hurt so bad i wish i had one and just wheel around in it untill they get it! And than ask for back pay on the wheelchair . And then donate it to charity. Ask your dr to write a referral letter to the insurance company


TERESA - October 9

I have only applied for medical assistance & I don't know IF I would qualify for welfare or not, & I don't realy need the whole package!! When I was just getting my divorce I applied for medical assistance for me & my 2 children, they wouldn't give it to me unless I took everything. I lived with my parents & didn't need anything but the insurance. That's what I mean when I say this system SUCKS!! This clinic I go to bases your charge on your income & its the only thing I found THAT I CAN AFFORD ! !


TERESA - October 9

P.S. Those people milking the system KNOW HOW TO DO IT!! I go in & answer to questions honestly and some little thing I've said in the 20 page Q&A sheet DISQUALIFIES ME! I guess you have to Lie or at least know when to LIE!


barbar - October 10

Teresa, Where are you? I mean, what county or city? I'm sure the national association of rheumatologists would be able to locate a rheumatologist in your area or one that you could get to. You can make arrangements with them for payment. I am concerned, though, about your other issues, such as transportation and money for prescriptions. However, let us know where you are so we can get the ball rolling with finding the right doctor. You are in a catch-22: you can't get the insurance and disability because you are dignosed and you can't get the diagnosis without the insurance. I'm sure you can find a doctor in your area who is familiar with that problem and has come up with some ways tohelp. Barbar


TERESA - October 10

Barbar. Thanks so much for your concern!! I guess you didn't see my thread in the post "Where is everyone from". I live in a little city south of Joplin, MO. I used to live in Sacramento, CA many many years ago, so I can understsnd your disbelief at how a state in this wonderful USof A can treat their citizens so POORLY!!! California, at least they used to, treat their, citizens of low income very decent ( like CANADA )!! I have already recieved a diagnosis from a very expensive rheumatologist. He diagnosised me in May or June of this year with FMS & Lupus. My GP from the clinic referred me. I saw him three times then he turned me back over to the GP because I could not afford him!! NOW I find out that my GP will be leaving the clinic in DEC, just after we have FINALY developed a working relationship. I've been seeing this same doctor for about 2& a half years but now we are on the same page & HE'S LEAVING!!!! Rigth now they don't have any prospects for his replacement! this means that I may be looking at a period of time with no treatment, & thats unexceptable!! I can't get private ins even if I could afford it & I can't get disablity ins because I don't qualify!! This is moe than a catch 22, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!! The money I make, JUST keeps me able to pay for my meds, transportation, etc... but also keeps me from being able to qualify for assistance!!


TERESA - October 11



barbar - October 11

Teresa, I'm from Sacramento!!! Although I haven't been home since 1992. How far are you from Joplin? If you've already been diagnosed, then there has to be someone in Joplin who can attend to you and help you get disability, especially if you have been diagnosed with lupus. Can you get to an attorney who specializes in social security claims? They work with low incomce folks all the time. While you're working in that, do you have any other support groups? There may be some for lupus in Jolin. Where is the nearest university with a med school? That would actually be your best choice. What resources are around you, available to you? Do you belong to a faith community or any other support community? Please let me know all the details.



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