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Just Me - August 20

I am new here, has anyone tried herbs for fibro?
I have tried gabapentin and tramadol, did not like the side effects.


Fantod - August 20

Hello - Yes, I use some homeopathic remedies in addition to conventional medicine. I am extremely sensitve to medication. I use low doses of modern pharmacology along with some homeopathic medicine. Personally, I do not recommend using homeopathic remedies alone as Fibromyalgia (FMS) places a huge amount of stress on the body. So far, I have not found a strictly "back to nature" approach that works effectively.

For sleep, in addition to Gabapentin (100mg) and 25 mg of Amitriptyline, I take 1mg of Melatonin. I have also used Malic Acid (825 mg) to control muscle twitching. Cold pressed flax seed oil (Barleans) is highly recommended for FMS.

You should purchase high grade supplements and not the stuff on the shelf at Walmart. You'll end up spending a lot of money when, unfortunately, the same results can be had for the price of a prescription co-pay. Nobody likes the side effects of prescribed medication but it becomes more tolerable when one considers the additional load you may place on your body by not following your doctor's instructions. You may start a cascade of other problems.

If you do decide to use some homeopathic remedies, I would encourage you to find a naturopathic doctor (not a covered expense) to develop a regimen for you to follow under careful supervision.

As always, with any medication, be sure that you understand the uses, how to take it and any side effects that may occur. Take care.


axxie - August 22

Make sure you explain to your pharmacist what other kind of medication (herbs etc) that you are taking, they are the professional who have studied and can alert you of possible side affects.

I have seen many side affects, that can certaintly leave possible problems with your liver.


mimosette - August 24

I use malic acid , bought from our local health food store.

I WISH I could use weed, but it is not legal here.



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