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15 Replies
sheila - June 17

i was diagnosed as having this awful syndrome last year.......server headaches painful joints neck shoudlers chest ribs upper arm but it all seems to be on my left handside no symptems whatso ever on right side is this normal?????....ive been having trouble with breathing in my upper chest still on left hand side though..... doctor told me this syndrome doesnt do this but hey behold what have i read on this site....yes breathing problems!!!!!nobody seems to know much about this syndrome over here in England thankgod for the internet..Ive saved most of this site to disc to give to my doctor then lets see what he says!!!!does anyone else have this only on one side of there body?????


JLS - July 1

I find I have mostly numbness and tingling on my left side. It's bizarre. Diagnosed 8 years ago and still fighting with it everyday. I too, have breathing problems. My doctor said it was normal and one of the symptoms of FM. Keep smiling and hang in there.


sheila - July 3

i dont seem to have that problem its just the pain in my chest that really gets to me...its so tender and starts from under my left arm pit right down all the rib cage under the breast bone and finished in upper chest with very tender points.I also get a racing heart which in turn starts me paniking which then sends my anxiety sky high my other tender points are at the back of neck most of my muscles around that area are so very tender and i find gentle massage helps have even asked my neighbour to help out at times he dont say no..hahaha....ive had a really bad two weeks sooooo tired not eating....ive filled myself with painkillers for the past 24 hours every 4 hours and its giving me releif for the time back at docs tomorrow i think she going to prescribe some anti depressants which im so dead set against taking as the side effects from them send me loopy Im trying to keep that smile thanks for your reply JLS :-) xx


Lisa - July 13

Yes I have all the same symptoms, also on the left side! Never been told if that is normal or not for fibro. The symptoms yes, but the left side thing I don't know.


Joni - August 14

At times my head aches more on the left side through my eyeball,left sinus & shoulder. Putting pressure on the points seems to help some with heating pad around my head & sinus face heating pad.


Wanda - August 14

Yes, Mine is mostly on the left side too.....I have wondered if others had more pain on that side....but lately i am beginng to have pain across my shoulders down both arms & in my chest alot.......the last 2 weeks have been terrible.......I have slept most of the weekend.......Hope you feel better soon


tonyab1838 - August 15

I started out with pain in my left arm and then it progressed through to my right arm, shoulders, neck, back and head. The main pain is on my left side. I did have Tietze's syndrome in my chest, which goes with FMS, but the prednisone has helped with that. A friend of mine has FMS also and she has it mainly on her left side as well. I don't know if it has anything to do with the syndrome but just kind of odd. Hope this helps. Take care and God bless!


Jean - August 30

Most FMS patients are shallow breathers so the muscles continue to contract and tighten. You must try very hard every day to breath deep and stretch those muscles out. Get that diaphram moving, start slow and work up.


Topa - August 30

Oh, I sympathize with you. I was diagnosed in 1997. I am totally disabled with this. I had to leave a job I loved and worked at for 21 years. Social Security Disability pays less than 1/3 of what I made each month. The best advice I can give you is to please get checked out by physicians to make sure you don't have any other medical problem. I went to neurologists, psychiatrists, cardiologists. I had blood tests and MRI scans. After getting checked out on my own - and you will need to take control of this, don't depend on your doctor to - I felt confident that physically I was healthy and I did indeed have fibromyalgia. After you do this, then you need to continue to do research on your own reading about this disease to learn how to deal. This support site is also excellent for answering your questions, as the answers come directly from FM sufferers. Hang in there, be strong, don't let anyone convince you that you are "crazy". You aren't - we all know. Bless You.


nick - May 1

under arm and down to my chest hurts and is hard to breath


Suffering - May 1
is a article to read but you really need a good doctor.


Pam - May 2

Dear Sheila, I have had FMS for 9 yrs. I do not have breathing problems, but FMS can jump all over your body and can be on one side or the other. Could your breathing problems be from anxiety possibly? I know it's frustrating when you can't put a name with the problem or have they checked you for asthma? I am praying for you right now.


Chris - June 1

Sheila, do you have any acid reflux problems?I have fibro with that. That can cause breathing problems, sometimes we breath in a little acid while we sleep. Hope you feel better.


Rebecca - June 13

I have more pain and muscle twitches on my left side too. It sounds like it very well could be a fibro thing.


tara - June 13

hi sheila,
i'm so sorry to hear about your suffering. it sounds soooooo much like mine when it started. mine started 5 years ago also only on the left side, it stayed on the left side for 2 years & now it's almost all right sided. I too have breathing problems. Ask your doctor if he can refer you to a "physiatrist" if you can. these guys deal with FM patients all day long & know they're stuff. my doctor was useless too & didn't understand the syndrome.
I KNOW how terrifying pain in the chest can be!!! my doctor also told me not to "worry" about it, yeah.... righhhhht.
The physiatrist explained to me that when your chest muscles are in spasm or constricted it isn't only limited to your postural muscles but also your "soft tissue" muscles like those in your ribs & lungs etc... this explains alot but I still can't breathe properly on my right side so reassurance only goes so far. He says that chest congestion & symptoms are very common when pain is in this area. FM is really more of an "all over" generalized syndrome, you may want to look into what MYOFASCIAL PAIN is. that is what usually causes the unilateral (one-sided pain). The internet has tons of info on trigger points etc...
Ask your doc to send you to a physiatrist or rheumetologist who can properly diagnose you & actually help you.

good luck,
you are not alone...


Anne Hillebrand at FibroFix - June 17

If you sleep on your left side, the body-wide congestion may be settling there. Also, because lymph has two distinct drain areas - you can have problems on one side more than the other.



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