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help with nausea
17 Replies
mustangsh - September 21

I am new on this website and have found it very helpful. I have had FMS for 15 yrs or so and have
been able to handle without meds so far. I now am dealing with nausea and have read this is a symptom. I do not really know what to do at this point..I did have my gallblader removed 2 yrs ago
due to gallstones. I feel this is the FMS and hate to go back to GP docter.Does anyone have any suggestions other than Lyrica..Symbalta..etc. meds for this nausea.It seems it is worse in morning and sometimes after I eat????? Thanks,mustangsh


Fantod - September 21

Try a homeopathic remedy like ginger lozenges. If you don't like ginger, I am sure the local health food store would have some other worthwhile suggestions. Take care.


ptalana - September 22

Hi mustangsh, welcome aboard. I also suffer with this nasty nausea. I grew up in a Dutch household and we would nibble on black licorice (not the sweeter kind) it really helped. I've just recently started using it again, and was pleasantly surprised at how well it works!!! Peppermint tea can also be very soothing to the stomache. With all the other meds we take using something all natural that works is a bonus, at times the meds we take can be the culprit for the nausea.
Take care, Patty:)


mustangsh - September 22

Thanks so much for your response.I will try the ginger lozenges.Hope you have a good day!


mustangsh - September 22

Thanks Patty for the suggestions...I sure will try it. I am really trying hard to deal with the FMS without the perscriptions meds. Hope you have a good day.


axxie - September 22

I've been suffering for the same also, it's seems to get worst for some reason. My all time favorite to get rid of nausea, non-carbonated syrup that helps in curing nausea due to stomach problems, two capsules of ginger or ginger root, peppermint, chamomile teas or if you dare rice water, boil rice (feed the white rice to kids, kitty and dog) keep the water and drink it., Avoid heavily oiled foods, makes sure you have a diet rich in fibre and drink loads of water.

BTW most of nausea are based on headaches, such as tension, sinus, menstrual, cough, migraines and the all time favorite nausea heaches.....


mustangsh - September 22

I appreicate your advice..I do not really feel like I have been real stressed but ya know it does not take much to flare up the FMS.


texasteddy - September 22

Believe it or not, the ONLY thing that works for my horrible nausea is old fashioned Alka-Seltzer. It seems to work quickly and not only deals with the nausea, but the bloating I often have with it. I buy it by the LARGE box (Walmart Equate brand works the same).


brooksidefarm - September 22

Mustangsh - Ginger tea may help after meals. I too have nausea on an off and no gall bladder. It is not what or when I eat. I have found that 3-4 ounces of red wine with dinner helps a great deal. I do not take meds, so I can do that. Oh- a white zin or rose has not worked for me. Has had to be a full bodied red.


solanadelfina - September 23

Hi, I've also struggled with nausea in the morning that the docs couldn't figure out. My stomach seems to be abnormally sensitive when I first wake up, and I found that eating rice cakes with sugar-free peanut butter is the only breakfast food that doesn't make me sick. (It tastes better than it sounds, trust me. ;) )I can eat fruit and other things even a few hours later, but not right away. I would suggest try eating something very, very mild right away in the morning and see if that helps, and have a midmorning snack later on to keep your energy up.

The peppermint tea everyone's suggesting is great, and there are some yummy ginger teas with lemon that take the bite off but are still effective. (I think Yogi Tea makes the blend I'm thinking of.)

Good luck.


mustangsh - September 26

Hey Patty..I am really concerned about this nausea..It is hard for me to deal with.I have made an appt.with a GP and I do not know how she even feels about FMS..I have never really been tested for IBS but do not really have symptoms of you know why the FMS causes you to be nauscous.I have had a abdomal MRI and that just found gallstones.It seems my body will start burning and then comes the nausea. I have been having this off and on for several years but it is getting sooooo often. I am not on any of the meds for FMS so that would not be the cause????Just really feeling down.


Kayhlan - October 14

Hello Mustangsh,

I hear you about the nausea. I've been doing some research lately about aloe vera juice. My mom used to take it when I was young, and she swore that it greatly reduced the acid reflux and resulting nausea she had, but she hated the flavor.

Anyway, she would take about 1/4 cup of juice in a tall glass (at least 8 oz) of very cold water and she could get it down that way. It also seemed to help her blood sugar as she is a diabetic.

I like to drink red raspberry tea for my own upset stomach, and it seems to do really well. They make a combination tea for pregnant moms who suffer from morning sickness that almost never fails to clear up nausea within half an hour! During each of my pregnancies, I never suffered from morning sickness once I began drinking this tea (or taking the capsules) daily, but pregnancy related nausea isn't all it helps, believe me.

I don't know if this would work for you, but I'm thinking it couldn't hurt to try it. Keep us posted on how you do and I wish you the best.



ptalana - October 14

Hi mustangsh, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I'm also looking for explanations as to the cause other than the pain meds that I take. FMS seems to be an all encompassing disease with very broad symptoms. When you mention burning, is it like a fever? I'm getting set to have a CT scan and a Barium as my colonoscopy was unsuccessful. I'm hoping that these results will give me some answers as to the nausea, bloating, and extreme cramping.
I can so relate to doctors not believing in FMS as a legitimate disease (no matter the proof)!!! I wish you luck with your gp appointment and hope that you can get some answers, it can be so frustrating. Please try to not let this get you down, I know it's hard. Please let me know how things go with your doc appointment. I hope some of these natural remedies will help with the nausea in the interim. Sorry I don't have the answer to the cause of the nausea, hopefully one of us will very soon. I'll give you all info I get from my specialist. Take care, you're in my thoughts, all the best Patty :)


FibroGal - October 17

I, too, suffer from this. I have been having difficulty with heartburn, indigestion, nausea, and upper abdominal pain, especially after eating. This is even though I take Protonix for GERD. I have anxiety, GERD, and IBS. Some sources say all 3 of those conditions (which are part and parcel of fibromyalgia) are causes of these symptoms. But me in my worry makes me fear the worst. I hate it.

I appreciate reading others' advice. I have not tried it myself but I have also read that a tablespoon of peach juice from a can of peaches in syrup can help with nausea. But, like I said, I haven't tried it so I don't know. I know peppermint can help, but I've also read that it can actually make GERD symptoms worse.

If anyone else experiences bothersome heartburn and indigestion after eating, I'd like to hear.


Fantod - October 17

Hi FibroGal - Inspite of practically main lining large quantities of Zantac, I sometimes get heartburn and indigestion after eating. A glass of water can set me off. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to my symptoms. I may not have problems for months and then it starts up again. I'm done trying to figure it out. I just go with the flow which is easier than getting myself torqued up over something that will eventually pass. Take care.


bmcgovern - October 26

I have nausea all the time to. I use Stomach Curing. You can get it at any health store. It really helps and a i take liquid nausea medicine that you can get at any grocery store.


bmcgovern - October 27


I have really bad stomach issues. So much food makes me sick. I am on a strict diet. I can't have sugar, Dairy, Greasy foods, Red meat. Stuff still makes me sick, but you find out what you can and can't eat. I usually take Digesters after every meal. For nausea STOMACH CURING helps. You can get it at any health food store. Bentonite Clay really helps to you can also get that at any health food store. Peppermint Oil really does help i put it in green tea.
Good Luck.



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