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AF - May 18

On saturday night, i came home like at 2 am, and i couldnt sleep, then i woke up at 8 in the morning the next day, with a terrible headache, and my knees and legs hurt, i had cramps aswell. I took tylenol thnkin i had the flu or something but it didnt work, the pain went away for half the day, then at night it came again, this time my neck and back hurt. I wanted to go the bathroom but i coundt do either, and it was unconfortable. So i went to bed, and i kept waking up and the night was terrible, so i woke up today to go to work and i feel terrible, I have headache neck pain, back pain, legs elbows, everywhere practically. Im 19 years old, i need help because i kept lookin up my syntoms and fibromyalgia kept coming up. HELP PLS


axxie - May 19

Hello AF

I understand that when you think you have symptoms that you have FMS, the thing is, I would first look at your lifestyle.

I remember being 19 and going out and having all these problems, but guess what I did not have FMS at that time, what I needed was to stop burning the candle at both ends. And that my friend I'm sure will cure your pain.

Just because you have an ache does not mean you have a disease.


Fantod - May 19

While I agree with Axxie, if you are still concerned, you should see a doctor. There are a lot things such as thyroid that can mimic fibromyalgia (FMS). The only way to sort out what is wrong other than a hectic lifestyle would be to seek medical care. Take care.


AF - May 19

Well, i just thought u should know i dont drink or smoke, but today is tuesday and i still feel bad, well thanks anyway !! ur probably right , but i am going to the doctor just in case is something else




JOEGIRL - May 26

Hi AF, Your pain seemed to come on like mine did. Suddenly with no warning or anything.It just happened and I thought I was going to suffer the rest of my days.It took lots of tests and drs until I was told I had fibro and I never heard of it before in my life.
I would suggest for you to go get checked out and go from there. Hopefully you won't have this fibro.Its hard to deal with but I am doing better now since I am in paincare.. Goodluck and let us know what the dr. said.


a_pough - May 26

Hi AF,
It is great that you are being attentive to your body. My Fibro began with severe tendonitis in my hands and ankles and became worse over time with other symptoms adding to the list. I agree with the other members when they say that you have to seek medical advice from doctors. Also research all possible illnesses yourself, so that you will have some idea of what could be going on before heading to the doctor. I hope that you do not have Fibro, but if you do we are here to help you through it! Take Care.


mypain - May 31

One thing that I would like to add is, that only you know your body. I have been telling my mom for years something was not right. She thought I was a she knows differently. Be persistant. If you are not getting the answers, then move on to someone who will give them to you. One thing I have learned is that if you do not take control of your medical needs, odds are a doctor will not. Good Luck.



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