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Help! please, could I have fibromyalgia?
2 Replies
angelica72 - June 18

I'm 35. Last September I had a really bad virus that caused me to have a high temperature and my lymph nodes were up in my arms, throat and groin area. Since then I have not been the same, each day I am so tired, I wake and it feel like it's 3 in the morning! - much like walking through waist high rice pudding and my limbs hurt.

My GP has referred me to the CFS/ME specialist and my apponitment is not until 10th Aug.

Since my teens I have always felt "tired" and "sore" and this was put down to me being lazy, I've suffered IBS and PMT over the years and have seen specialists for these too and had many tests that say I am the picture of health. I've also got problems sleeping and wake suddenly in the night - as if my heart has stopped and restarted - I also grind my teeth, although this is in my sleep. I also get a lot of headaches and can be sensitive to the light. Sometimes just washing my hair can be a struggle.

A few years ago my GP told me it was depression and treated me with anti depressants, this made me worse and more tired and frustrated. I felt like I was lying and being lazy and this made me more miserable because I was in real pain and had no energy.

Someone told me about this condition and I never took much notice of it - but the symptoms would all tie together.

Do you have any experience of this?


neuro1 - June 18

angelica...sounds like you are a very good candidate for FMS. Usually all your tests come back looking like your in "good health" when in fact you have serious pain and fatigue. Women are often told they are depressed and given anti-depressants and basically shoved out the door.
Since you have to wait until 10Aug, I would use the time to create a timeline for your symptoms detailing your frequency of symptoms and severity. This can greatly help your specilaist in pinpointing a testing course and give them the best idea of what the most severe problems are you have to contend with. Hang in there...and be aware that you are on a long haul. They will likely run all the tests that have been run before and it may take months before you see any real "treatment." But there's light at the end of the tunnel!


angelica72 - June 18

Thank you for your prompt reply. Sounds strange but I feel more "comforted" having read the symptoms and recognised that I have many of them and that they are not "all in my head". Thank you. I'll keep a diary as suggested.



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