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needadvice - July 14

I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but suspect I may have it. My primary care physician ordered blood work and everything came back ok. He also referred me to a rheumatologist, which I can not get in to see until October. My body aches everyday like I have the flu. I am completely fatigued everyday...all day. The worst is in the morning and at night. My hands and feet ache and feel swollen every evening and have been like this for months. Does anyone experience this aching, swollen feeling in their hands and feet...if so, do you have any advice?


LastsGal - July 15

Those are some of the symptoms, yes. A good rhuemy will take a full history & do the "test" & tell you what he thinks, but a google search will tell you there's a long list of symptoms and that no two FMS patients have all, or even any, of the same ones.

To your specific question, my hands routinely go from my wedding & mother's rings spinning to being stuck in place. The only thing that has worked for me was to increase my water intake & try not to get too hot. I find that if I drink a full liter of water in addition to my coffee & tea, my hands don't fluctuate as much.

As for the flu... that's exactly what I feel like. And if the pain flares badly enough, my skin will actually hurt like I have the high fever of a flu. Hasn't been that bad in a while, although the weather here has me pushing my luck with hit right now.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


axxie - July 15

Hello needadvice

First of all blood work is not to rule in our out fibro, there is only pressure point test and a complete medical history, what your doctor was ruling out was anything from lyme disease to finding out if you had rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis causes pain, but new research shows that pain also causes arthritis. Anyway since she has ruled out those problems, she can focus on discovering what is ailing you. You sure sound like I was when I first started complaining to my doctor, the first doctor told me it was in my head, the second after telling her I thought that I had fibro, she did a few point pressure test and ruled me out of that category. Needless to say I went through several doctors, before I collapsed crying to my mother on the phone, that I did not know what I had and that I needed a doctor to help me. She got me in to see her doctor, after listening to me, she thought I was a basket case, it took a while before she finally started to put two and two together and sent me to a neurologist, the scan of my head revealed ms and thus I was diagnosed to having ms, but the neuro said she was sure I did not have ms, I just didn't fit the bill, further testing and finally results were my brain scan looked alot like ms, but it was fibro. I was put on cymbalta immediately and I've been doing fine with the 60mg, although it was a rough start, getting used to the medication. So hand on to your hat, it might be a while before you get diagnosed with fibro. What I would do to help the doctor is write a diary of your pain, and fatigue and how you sleep, how your day is and even go as writing down what kind of weather you were having, if you were taking medication what kind and what helped or didn't. It is alot clearer for you and to talk with the doctor because you have something to show for it. Good luck to you but what you are detailing I would think you have fibro, just undiagnose, just remember doctor don't diagnose until they are sure that thats what you have.


beacher - July 15

I have the same thing. My feet feel like they are going through a grinder. If I have had a long day, it takes a while for my feet to seetle down. Pain is stabbing all through them. After that I get restless legs and I have to go to bed just to stop that


needadvice - July 15

Thank you for your reply to my post. I have done alot of my own research and actually have the long list of symptoms. I will increase my water for trying to not get too hot...that may be hard when living in the desert. Perhaps this summer heat is partially responsible for making my syptoms worse everyday. Thanks again and good luck to you too!


needadvice - July 15

I will keep a diary everyday of my pain and fatigue. Since I can't get in to see the rheumatologist until Oct., that should give plenty of time to keep track of it!

I don't think anyone believes me either. My family and friends are supportive, but I think they think it is all in my head. I guess with the little information that doctors know about would be easy for others to think it is all in your head. Thanks again for all of your replies :)



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