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skycladfaerielady - July 24

I just want to stop hurting. I have FMS & RA & I just want to sop hurting. I have one searches & read & read.... Nothing woks, I just want to be me again.


January - July 24

Hi sky clad - I know there are members here who have your experience of not finding relief easily. Would you like to share more about your symptoms - and what you have tried? Is it possible that you have been misdiagnosed, or something has not been picked up?

I ask because, for me, the key to helping my fibromyalgia muscle pain was a gluten free diet. That diet really helps some of us but it's tricky to learn and it takes a while for the pain to subside, so you have to stick with it on faith. There is a blood test you can get for celiac antibodies, and also a stool test that seems to have more reliable results.

Fibromyalgia is really different in different people. You have to drill down to what is causing your symptoms and treat the cause if you can.


Nee_ster310 - September 12

Hi SkyClad, My mother kind have went thru the same things that you went thru. She had many doctors that shez been with. Now, My mother went to the a new doctor about 4 months ago and the doctor refereed my mom to go and order a product online to try for her fibro. Its an all natural product. She said this product has the highest antioxidants in the world. Its called Kyani. Well, I and my mother tried it at the same time with in the 2ed week I started not feeling the pain. For my mothers fibro it took a month and a half. Within the 3 weeks my mom started sleeping and it has been 14 years since she slept thru the night and now she is snoozing away. I asked the doctor if I can give this info to friends and family and she said its for everyone who would like to order. I call Kyani's customer service at #208-529-9872 #283378 my mom orders online at and give them the docs Distributor #283378 The three product that Dr. Baird let us know about is Nitro Extreme, kyani sunrise and kyani sunset. I just went ahead nd got my own membership #.This stuff truly works and wished that all doctors knew about this. Well, All I can say is try it for yourself. I cant believe that doctors dont know about this.



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