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Help me , fell so bad ,
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Ena - May 9

i need help i am from Egypt , and we dont have specialized doctor for FMS???
i need someone told me if i can be mama or not and what about my kids and me ? and sure i will not take any medicine while iam pregant , so d u think i can bear the pain? , and what about the baby health and me?
i ?need someone told me after 20 years what will i have extra, my body and my muscles ?what will look like???
i cant sleep

i need help? ?
i am feeling so bad


Fantod - May 9

Ena - Do you a rheumotologist ( ?(?????) ??? ?????? ????????. ?????) in Egypt? That is the best doctor to treat Fibromyalgia (FMS).

You can be a mother but it will be difficult because of your fibromyalgia symptoms. Maybe another member here will tell you about having a baby with Fibromyalgia. I do not have any children. But, I can tell you that you will have to be very careful about taking medicine while you are pregnant. And, FMS does not hurt the baby in any way.

You will look like yourself in twenty years. Just older. Fibromyalgia does not make you look different. Most of the time, it just makes you tired and very sore. You will have to learn how to manage your symptoms and get lots of rest.

You need to ask the doctor for something to help you sleep. FMS breaks deep sleep with a lot of brain activity. If you don't get deep sleep, your muscles get very sore. You can also use Melatonin ( ?????????? )which you should be able to find there. It is a natural remedy for sleep.

I am sorry that you are feeling so sad. Everyone here is like that sometimes. I hope that my Arabic translations help you understand better. You are not alone. Take care.


Fibrochick - May 10

Hi Ena,

I have two children. My first when I was 25 and my second when I was thirty.
My symptoms started when I was 21 and went undiagnosed till about 7 years ago. ( I am 43 this year) It was very frustrating for me. Doctors would not believe me and say all my problems were psychological. But I knew they werent. I live in Portugal and the doctors here dont recognise Fibro as an illness. I was lucky to get a reumatologist, but she just said that I had Fibro and not much else...and of course I have refused is always best to try and avoid them whenever possible as I find they normally trigger off something else.
We just have to take one day at a time, and try not to set too many tasks ahead. Do what you can and do not feel guilty about what you can't do. If you try this method you will not feel as much stress and eventually it will get easier. Some gentle exercises are good too.
Childbirth itself, I didnt find particularly painfull. It has been hard, but worth it


Fantod - May 10

Ena - I'm sorry but this site would not accept my arabic translations after I entered them. I hope that you understood my answers and I see that someone else has responded to you about having babies. Take care.


ptalana - May 11

Hi Ena, having fibromyalgia will not in itself have any negative effect on your baby. You will have to change your medications, if you are taking any. Who is in charge of your care now, your family doctor? As Fantod has mentioned you should be looking for treatment with a rheumatologist.
I would google fibromyalgia in Egypt and see what treatment centres there are available in your area. I'm wondering if your family doctor, or local hospital would give you this information.
Many of us suffer with sleep problems, it's extremely important that you mention this to your doctor, sleep is extremely important to controlling your symptoms.
Please let us know how you're doing, and that you've found the medical help that you need.
Take care, Patty:)


Ena - May 12

Thanks you for nice reply, and help
i am really appreciate


Ena - May 25

Actually we not have the concept of family doctor , and our hospital is wondering when we ask about Fibromyalgia doctor and they said what is that, Really we are in Egypt , and few people ( very very few) is knowing about this disease , really it is complicated here , I am with Rheumotologist Dr , but he is not professional in Fibromyalgia, but that all what i have , Thanks for all yr replys



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