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erin44 - July 24

Im twenty-one years old and I am concerned that I have fibromyalsia. After experiencing a horrible relationship and a stressful break up I have noticed a burning sensation in the tops and backs of my thighs, up my buttocks, sometimes to my lower back. The pain sometimes is very intense and other days is less intense but it always there. I have also had sudden shooting pains in my legs and pelvic area. I also have noticed a burning sensation on the outside of my vagina and when I urinate. I have been tested for every vaginal infection and diseases and they all have shown negative results. My grandmother and my aunts have been diagnosed with fibromyalsia and now I am wondering if this is the cause of all of my discomfort. My pain is chronic and I have seen multiple doctors who all assume that because of my negative test results my pain is all in my head. They have referred me to psychologists. It is really frustrating to feel like crap 24-7 and not have any help at all. Even just to have someone explain to me what is wrong would relieve some of my pain. Does this sound like Fibromyalsia? I have had normal MRI and next my neurologist was going to test for a vitamin deficiency.


Carrie - July 23

Hello erin44. Some of your pain, back of thighs, buttocks, lower back, sounds like siatica, or as I was diagnosed, pyraformis syndrome. It's a type of nerve damage? or not working properly. My chiropractor first pointed this out to me, and as the pain increased throughout my body, my MD at the time said pyraformis syndrome. I also have had a diagnosis of chronic pain syndrome. That is a type of travelling, shooting, stabbing pain. Very intense... takes my breath away. It also is characterized by having transferred pain... I stub my toe and I get a stab of pain on the other side of my body, say the calf, which makes no sense. But that's part of the pain syndrome. Guess with that diagnosis, that your brain scrabbles the messages. I have had stabbing pain in my labia, felt like someone had hit me with a crow bar or something like that. Very intense. Again, I believe it's chronic pain syndrome. Have you been referred to a rheumotologist? And perhaps if you ask here, let people know where you live, you might find an MD or specialist who would be sympathetic to your symptoms. Whatever the cause, the pain and disability is real. I hear you!! Carrie


erin44 - July 23

I have not been referred to a rheumotologist.....only a neurologist....this has been going on for over a year. I don't know who I should see next. The pain is getting worse. It does feel like a crow bar and stabbing in different parts of my pelvic and leg moves around. I hate it. Somedays I am miserable. Thanks for understanding.


Carrie - July 24

It's frustrating and it brings you down, but do try to stay on top of this. Ask your MD for referrals, ask for help here. Good luck and stay in touch. Carrie



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