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Help, jerks and nervous
6 Replies
JOEGIRL - August 11

I need to know if anyone has like jerks wken they lay down or sit down to rest.? Just recently I have noticed that I can be watching tv or in bed and I feel like a nerve is shaking in my shoulders or neck or all top of my body. Its really hard to explain and then it makes me nervous.I was so jumpy couple nights ago I had a panic attack and had to take a xannax. I am on Lyrica 50, and pericet 10,.I have cut the pericets in half in case they too strong and I am wondering if its the Lyrica that has helped me a lot.Please send me some comments .. Thanks


Fantod - August 12

One of the perks of Fibromyalgia is over active muscles. When I am resting, my legs jerk and my arms too. It is very annoying to say the least. Especially when trying to nap and ending up flopping around like a marionette.

You can try taking Malic Acid (825 mg a day) which can be found at any good health food store. It will stop the twitching and jerking. As with any medication, homeopathic or otherwise, be sure you understand any risks associated with taking it.

I would venture to guess that your central nervous system is just having its way with you for the moment. My symptoms come and go with no discernable pattern.

Take care.


JOEGIRL - August 12

Thanks for the reply Fantod, I will check into the Malic acid. I am not jerkin and jumpy tonight so maybe tonight will be better. I woke up hurting this morning so bad I had to get back on the Lyrica, It helps the pain but Im so mad about the weight gain and bloated til its depressing but I can't handle the pain either so I guess I just get fat and jerk around like a fish on land. Beats suffering and I have reached the point that I just don't care what the side effects are so long as the pain is gone . I feel a great depression coming on and I guess thats a fibro thing also.


mimosette - August 12

Joegirl, I forget....did you try the Cymbalta? Was it you who did , and it made you too sick?

I quit the Lyrica, and am having great results with Cymbalta.I eased into it. And took it really easy while I was starting it. I also took Xanax the first few days, because a panic attack to me is the Worst. Thing. Ever. That could happen.No medicine, no amount of feel good or sexy body is worth the risk of a panic attack to me.I even had prescription nausea meds on hand, but didn't need them.

I second Fantod about the malic acid. It's easy to find online.

If what you are doing/taking doesn't work, try something else!


JOEGIRL - August 12

mimsoette,, yes I tried the cymbalta but it made me sleep for days. I just couldn't get anything done but maybe I will give it another try if my dr. approves .The Lyrica is working for the pain but I just seem to be having a hard excepting the weight gain and the bloated puffy feeling that comes with it. Not sure why I was so jumpy and nervous the other night but it seems to have passed. For good I hope. So time will tell. Thanks for your concern.


Fantod - August 12

JoeGirl - I'm sorry to read that Lyrica is really getting you down because of the weight gain. If you have not done so already, you might want to try Savella instead. It has been used in Europe for about 20 years. Savella was approved in the US earlier this year. There are a few people on this board who are using it and have had good results. As far as I know, weight gain is not an issue on this drug. I know it is a royal pain to switch medication but if your quality of life is going to be affected, I think it may be worth a try. Most rheumotologists seem to have sample packs of Savella so you can try it without spending any money. Keep and touch and let us know how you are doing. I'm worried about you. Take care.


JOEGIRL - August 12

Fantod,Thanks for your reply but I am feeling a little better today. I even went for a walk this morning so maybe the Lyrica is working better than I thought. I just have to go with the flow and see how it works out on the weight . IF I could walk every day like this morning I think I could keep it under control but life is like a rollercoaster ride with this fibro thing. I might not be able to move by tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day than today for all of us. I will consider the Salvella if Lyrica doesn't workout. I have heard of it.



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