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Help, I can't get answers
9 Replies
melafree - October 7

I have been to the doctors for over a year. I have pain in my left side, down my arm, up into my neck. Recently I started having "cramping" in my arm and neck, and my side is so tender it can't be touched. I feel so tired, but I can't sleep. Last week the pain was so intense I felt like I was going to pass out. My head hurt so bad and my leg became so cramped up I couldn't stand it. I went to the ER. They did blood work, CT scan and Ultrasound. Ruled out - blood clot, and heart (again) and said to get a mammogram and follow up with my reg dr. She has had me on Motrin for a year and the pain just never goes away. Now my neck and left side feel so stiff and sore, and my chest "cramps" on and off ALL DAY and NIGHT! Only one doctor has ever mentioned Fibro and now after reading I am wondering if this has been anyone elses experience?


islandguy - October 7

I am not a dr. nor do I feel that I know everything about fibro and it's symptoms.
But I had an experience with a friend of mine a few years ago that sounds somewhat similar to your situation and they found that she was deficient in vitamin B12. Did your dr check this in your blood work?
The reason I am saying this is because fibro normally always attacks all four corners of your body with chronic pain and yours seems to be centralized.
Unexplained pain sources are so..........frustrating !
Take care as we care.....


melvian - October 11

I believe in chiropractors. With that said, I'm able to walk and stand a little straighter. 1 1/2 years ago my back 'froze' up and i couldn't move. Since then I have felt relief through chiropractic treatments, electronic stimuli, and ultra sound therapy. I also use SOMBRA pain relieveing gel. I still have horrible cramping in my feet and calves, but they think something else is going on. As for a bone scan, which can detect inflamation. It's costly but worth it. Good luck and I hopo this helps.


befilledwithjoy - October 22

Hi -- I think it's time to see a rheumatologist -- that is who finally diagnosed me and he seems to really understand all the symptoms, I didn't even know about it until he told me!


Robin1237 - October 22

Melafree -- I think this is actually Lyme disease. Other tests will rule you out because what we really have is a bacterial infection from bacteria called borrelia, which are spiral bacteria that inflame the nerves and soft tissues, causing changing symptoms anywhere. We usually get it from a tick bite, but there are other forms of transmission too. If you google for borrelia symptoms, you can click on Melissa Kaplan's/Dr Joseph Burrascano's list of symptoms, as well as read the symptoms of the coinfections as well. Dr Charles Crist's description is a good one to click on too. This disease is very complicated! Generally people need antibiotic treatment. When I went on clindamycin, my fibro pain went to zero in one week. You can go to for info, support, and help in finding a Lyme-literate doctor.


Robin1237 - October 22

island, I think this is Lyme disease, and all vitamins and minerals get depleted, including the Bs. Melvian, see the response I wrote to melafree. Even chiropractors aren't being told about Lyme disease, so a lot of us with Lyme who see chiropractors are beginning that educational process. befilled, I don't think rheumatologists are trained in the symptoms of lyme disease and coinfections. The google search I mentioned to melafree actually gives a lot of very clear symptoms lists and descriptions. The key to spotting this is that these organisms can go anywhere in the body and cause so many different symptoms. When I talk with people now, I usually run down a symptoms list with them. It's a symptom profile we're looking for. Plus history, as in whether anyone remembers a tick bite, or where they were or what they were doing when they first became ill, etc. Lyme is transmitted by tick bites, other insects, and through human transmission.


innercity51 - October 26

I'm so sorry you have been feeling so bad. Your symptoms sound too familiar. Many doctors just think it is all in your head, but we know that is not so. I know they are real.
There is a product that seems to have had amazing results. It helps with inflammation, and pain. This seems to be the root cause of Fibro. Inflammation. I believe stress goes hand and hand with inflammation too.
I have these testimonials saved on my computer. If you would like to read some of them, I can pass them along.
I hope you have a better day.
Be blessed.


skidoo - October 27

gawd help us with fibro. people telling us we got somthing else, people trying to steal our money with their multilevel marketing products. If you want antioxidants, just eat your fruits and veggies like your mum told you. Blueberries are jam packed with antioxidants and cost much less than one of the multilevel marketing products.


lisa1 - October 27

melafree. As islandjuy stated, I am not a doctor either but I will tell you that my symptoms did indeed start on my left side as well and througout the past year has made its way to all four corners. Please check into the B12 and have your PC refer you to a rheumatologist who specializes in FMS as some of the rheumatologists do no see FMS patients. They often refer them to Pain Management doctors. Ask alot of questions and keep reading this forum. There is alot of information out there. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


SarahO. - October 28

This could be LOTS of things, including hwat Island guy said and what Robin said- or something else entirely- OR to me, for example...

This sounds like Babesiosis, a TBD like Lyme disease which often has chest pain as a component. Have oyu been tested? There are many strains and most doctors don't know anythign about TBDs.

In California, the only blood survey for TBDs found that 18% of one community was infected with babesiosis and didn't know it. They then did two more blood surveys- in geographically distinct areas- read- high ticky- and low- ticky- and the results were 16% of the pop and 3.5% of the pop had Babesiosis- yet how many people here have heard of it?

Missouri has it's own strain- MASS has 2 strains- CA has 4 strains-

You Robin*)! I know you*)!

ANYWAY, I used to have fibro and it sucked. BIG time sucked.

Now I have no pain andhaven't for years and years... and know many people, incluidng Robin who I have met in person at the Sacremento Dept of Health Meeting (hey Robin*)! how no longer have fibro either.

It's nice.

MOST people never had tick bite or rash.
Many people have negative blood tests.

Please, anyone who has been diagnosd with fibro should be tested for ALL TBDs including-

Lyme disease
Ehrlichiosis/ Anaplasmosis

If you haven't been tested for those things you are with a doc who knows nothing about TBDs.




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