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HELP!!! Going broke buying PILLOWS (ugh).
5 Replies
DoxieLOVA - June 26

Seriously, I am SO tired of spending every penny on doctor's, medicine, and now PILLOWS, of all things! Haha-I try to laugh, but SERIOUSLY!

My neck is always killing me and I keep thinking that if I could just find "the right" pillow...

Anyone have any advice? I would REALLY like to stay under a $100 dollars this time.



RavenFax - June 26

Have you tried a bath towel rolled up and placed behind your neck? Another thing that helps me is placing a hot water bottle (not quite full but no air in it so its a bit squishy) placed behind your neck. they are not perfect but cheap to try.


DoxieLOVA - June 26

Hmmmmm....sounds so, easy....hahah, I'll give it a try!


axxie - June 27

Hey DoxieLOVA

Neck pain, instead of the pillows, try sleeping with no pillows, except for one under your knees, this will help your posture and just put a rolled towel for your neck or the water bottle works also.

If your neck is bothersome, have you tried to see a chiropractor? I go see mine and has fixed most of my pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Very rarely do I have pain in my back now. I usually only get pain allover when I'm in a flare.

It could also be your bed, or your bed partner?
; )


DoxieLOVA - June 29

Hey Axxie!

Thanks for your reply on this! I think I will try just sleeping with a rolled up towel. I have been sleeping with a pillow under my legs already so who knows...sleep is a mysterious thing!

Also, I had been going to a chiro for about a year it helped slightly but unfortunately I can no longer afford to continue. Being broke seems to be a "symptom" of fibro.

LOL-what can ya do?!

Thanks for your advice :)


michelle J - June 29

my husband has a pillow from amedical supply store his chiropractor gave it to him when my neck hurts i use it,the pillow has the center missing so it hugs your head



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