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Help for Wife
6 Replies
gunner319 - January 12

My wife has been officially diagnosed with fibro as she has pain in arms,legs, stomach, head etc ( pain of unknown origin). Her main complaints over last 6 months have been stomach pains and head throbbing, lightheadedness, inflammation of lymphnodes in neck and breast and over feeling like....well you know.
Although she has all these symptoms only one or 2 of them at a time really effect her. This has been a daily struggle for a while and it continues to exacerbate. She has undergone MANY procedures and tests and the results have been negative for any medical problems which is why they diagnosed fibromyalgia. She is having a hard time buying into this as she believes their is a "medical" reason for all this and the doctors are not thinking.
She is now taking meds for depression and anxiety and will begin therapy for the anxiety as they believe this is also putting a tremendous amount of stress on her body. Her pains and discomfort changes almost daily with the last 2 days being soreness around her breasts and abdomen. I see her suffer and it hurts me so much.

All ideas welcome..Thanks.


Gabbie - January 13

Hello gunner319. Fibro is a very confusing and frustrating condition and not easy to explain to anyone. If we try to explain it, people really can't understand it or relate to it because we don't look sick and we can run around one day with lots of energy and the very next day have a hard time getting out of bed. There are so many symptoms and they can change on a daily basis. Your wife, being newly diagnosed, probably needs some time to question the reality of it, feel anger, frustration, and the depression and anxiety that you said she has now. It's all part of the route to acceptance. She needs your continued support and to know for herself that the pain and other symptoms are very real. On the left side of this forum underneath the "search" bar there is a section entitled "what is fibromyalgia". There is a lot of information there and I think that reading it will help her to understand that there really is such a thing called fibro and that there are many people with it so she is not alone. I encourage you to show her this forum where she can ask questions and share how she is feeling. There are many people here so willing to "listen" and talk about what they are going through. My best to both of you.


gunner319 - January 13

Thanks Gabbie.
As much as I try to support her, the anxiety and panic are very hard to handle.
She is still in denial as she believes there is a more serious condition. This has lead many doctors to suggest that she has a "somatization" disorder.
I agree she needs to accept and learn to handle and deal with the pain and discomfort, but would also need to begin intensive anxiety therapy to address the mental aspect of what she is dealing with.
Has anybody been through this?

Thanks again.


catya - January 14

Has she had tests for hypothyroidism?


Gabbie - January 14

Gunner319. I am assuming that your wife has had extensive blood tests to rule out any other condition because there are many that have some of the same symptoms as fibro (hypothyroid is one of them). If you have a chance to read through the many posts here, both recent and older, you will see that there are many people that have the symptoms that your wife is experiencing. My heart goes out to her because the anxiety that comes with fibro can be overwhelming and because there is not a "positive" test result that can be taken for fibro, we have to trust the doctor's diagnosis. Before I was able to get a grip so to speak, I was convinced that I was dying of some awful disease. I hope that with therapy she will be able to overcome her anxiety. I also hope that she also has a good rheumatologist that will take time to talk to her and help her manage this condition. Again, I wish you both well.


gunner319 - January 19


She has been tested for everything although I will verify the hypothyroid. Her Rheumotologist has agreed to see her weekly while she works thru the depression and anxiety. She also has a new therapist who is an FMS sufferer. This should help her as the therapist is very positive.

Thanks again for your support and I wish you well and painfree


TonyS. - January 19

Try spirulina and chlorella. Only organic versions though. It will help with her mood. Incorporate fresh juices into her diet, only from raw fruit, not from any other source. Try to move her toward a raw diet. You'll see changes in her pain, and mood.



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