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HELP!!!! A scary experience, not sure what happened...
7 Replies
Kristina17 - June 23

Hi all,

I had a very scary experience last night. All of a sudden I felt completely nauseous and dizzy. I was all of a sudden very cold, very weak and confused. I had stomach pain I think and was so so close to passing out cold. I could barely walk and I was so scared. My body temperature went really low and I felt really cold with maybe one or two hot flashes. I just went and sat on the toilet with my head between my knees and after a while I was dry wrenching and then vomiting. I had a bit of diarrhea as well and I felt so bad. I don't know what was causing it at all. Please tell me if you've had this happen before. I felt ok after I threw up but was very tired and I'd had a headache on and off all day.


Noca - June 23

Sounds like poisoning of some sort to me. Did you take anything? or eat anything different?


Kristina17 - June 23

No i didn't eat anything unusual and i had eaten, had some vanilla tea and taken my endep and lyrica as normal.


Noca - June 23

I would get checked out by a doctor and have a blood panel done as well.


kvc33 - June 26

The symptoms you describe could be from a form of migraine or even a stroke. Did you take your temperature or did you just feel cold? I would see a doctor and get checked out. Perhaps you have an ear infection. Just guessing here.


bellabella - June 27

Hi Kristina, i'm new here and normally i'd post an introduction but i read your post first and just had to reply.

What you have experienced here is a what's know as a bilious attack. ( google it ) it's nothing to worry about, not life threatening or anything but it is very very unpleasant, -and even that word does not describe it adequately -and when you experience it for the first time it is indeed quite frightening.. I wouldn't mind betting though that after you vomited and went to the toilet ( it often happens from both ends at the same time ) that you felt immediately better, like nothing had physically happened?

You describe it perfectly and that is classically how it happens and in the right order.. i know as i've had this sort of thing happening to me infrequently for a number of years.

It is a poisoning of sorts but one of the bodies own making. i'm not exactly sure of the medical mechanics but it's about the body making to much bile, perhaps due to haven eaten an heavy meal or something, and overloading the liver with it, which the liver has to get rid of in the most obnoxious way by doing what it did to you.. I do sympathise, its a horrible experience but fortunately these attacks are few and far between, you might never have another.

If you ever do feel like this again, the best way to gain relief is to counteract it all with a good dose of bicarbonate of soda.. mix a good tablespoon into a glass of warm water and drink it down in one.. I say in one because it tastes yuck! but yuck or not it does the trick and begins to neutralise everything.. you might still be sick ect. but its a much less gut wrenching experience.

I do hope i've helped put your mind at rest but i also suggest that you do have a word with your doctor just for added peace of mind.



KitKat - June 29

Kristina, Bella, and all -

I also registered at this site so that I might respond because I understand how frightening this experience can be. I learned a great deal from Bella’s post and want to add my menstrual experience to this discussion.

I had my first period on my 16th birthday – along with this bilious attack. From that time on, all my (irregular) periods began with this scenario. I never had any PMS (and never did – now age 60+). The most awkward part of this condition was that I would only have about 15 minutes’ warning that it was coming on. And believe me, it happened in some oh-so public places. Once I knew it was coming, there was no point in taking a good dose of anything. I would be evacuating my entire body within minutes.

Once that was over (1/2 hour maybe) I could at least move my now-cramping body but would still have the cold sweats and dry heaves, and would HAVE to get horizontal. It could take up to an hour of dry heaves every time I moved to alleviate extreme cramps. Evenually I fell asleep in total exhaustion. Once I slept for a few hours I could get up and function as if nothing had happened. My period’s flow would be extreme for a day, and then very light until done.

Eventually I was put on birth control pills in an effort to regulate my body and therefore balance out the extremes. My doctor (female) was never able to explain my ‘extremes’. In hindsight I will say that this did work, but I still had bumpy roads along the way. It was only after birthing my first child that the bilious attacks stopped.

Except for two times:

One was maybe 7 or 8 years ago, during menopause. Hadn’t had a period in maybe a year. There I was, at work with 25 people – 20 of them men. Quite a story for another time.

The other (why I’m in this forum) was about 6 months ago when I had a peak pain experience in a month-long attack of what I now suspect to be related to fibromyalgia.

So now I’m off to contunie reading in these forums. Hope this helped.

- KitKat


Hopingforrecovery - April 18


Im a newbie, signed up because of the OP for this thread.

Im a middle aged bloke and Im, hopefully, just coming out of the otherside of an attack, right now-I was googling 'bilious attacks' after self medicating a homoeopathic remedy.

Ive been monitoring 'my' attacks as they some times can be confused with other issues-oh the joys of FMS!

My FMS kinda started with IBS-then a, very long story short, a virus-so are these attacks IBS? Could be, but seem different and more specific than that....

They can also be tied in with stress/upset, eating out (food intolerances etc), yet not always....

I also have challenges with my lower back/pelvis which can irritate the nerves to bowel/ can sciatica....

Please dont think too harshly of me, I also have some psychic and mediumship skills (blessing or curse??) which, when troublesome spirits/entities are near, the gut, in humans, is very often affected.....

Stress, long term etc can also have an impact as can 'healing', such as Bowen, Chiro, physio et al., even an indepth counselling session can get rid of old sh.....'do, does'! (Sorry everyone!), strange how healing sometimes comes with a 'healing crisis'!

BUT, I have noted over the years, from puberty, that cold/chill feeling-even in summer heat-then the cramps, sweats, and a mad dash for the loo, with or without vomiting (feeling sick ever present though). Left exhausted atop of FMS/CFS etc and wiped out. There has been a build up in last couple of attacks, like pre-shocks for an earthquake, some minor tremors afterwards too. In addition there has been a lot of tummy bugs about this year too.

I self medicate homoeopathy and several remedies are helpful-but after reading this thread and seeing others with FMS and these attacks I shall seek out a homoeopath to help in more depth-one remedy that seems to fit the bill/helps take the edge off however is PODOPHYLLUM (seek out a qualified homoeopath-usual caveats apply).

I am due more tests, pokes and prods from the folk in the medical profession, for various other ailments and the colorectal surgeon also wants to follow up on these attacks. Ive been having them for 30-40 years and IBS for 20yrs. I note, when reading up on Podophyllum the affinity with the liver, bile (yuk), mood (depression-chicken or egg, ie ill with FMS equals depression or depression contributes to FMS), the lungs/chest (when embryos our lungs, gut and IIRC brains are all made of the same stuff....later in life this impacts on the FREEZE, FRIGHT or FLIGHT response too).

Hope that all adds to the repository of knowledge, the thread has helped me, off to lie in a darkened room as feeling a little quesy still but felt that I had to reply.

Kindest wishes,




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