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Jean_ - June 12

Why is it when you are doing well your doctor ups and leaves you and says,"I don't want to treat your fibro anymore or prescribe anymore pain medication? Do they really enjoy seeing people in pain just for the money? I'm really at witts end.The doctor he refers you to rearranges meds which puts you down in a week with excusiating pain, what can you do?
Surprizingly, this question is from me, [email protected]


TERESA - May 20

I am having the same problem with my Dr. He reallyhas no idea what is even wrong with me! He has been treating me for shingles & post herpatic neuralgia. Last month he recomended that I see a dermotologist because ( I assume ) he has not been able to find any virus form the sores I keep getting. He keeps trying different treatments & running tests. But I think he has know idea what is worng with me! I stumbled across this site because a friend of mine how has FM said my sysptems were a lot like hers. I suggest you doctor shop till you find someone who will listen to you. One person at this site suggested a rhemotologist.


Jean_ - May 20

Thank you for your responce. I've been on tnis site many times helping others with their FMS and CMP problems with advice and experience. I just haven't had a doctor totally after 3 years give me up and send me to another doctor that put me down and out of work. Needless to say I went back on my regular regimine of medication and after 2 days was able to go back to work. Go figure. I think this is a bustling business for these physicians and our insurance companies take the blunt of it all. Go figure.


Lynne - May 21

Jean, I have seen several of your posts. I have not been turned awawy from my doctor as of yet my problem is not having to see 4 different doctors for different medical reasons. I do not have insurance so I am on the other spectrum to say I do not get quality care.
I am unsure of why your doctor up and quit you!
If he/she is no longer interested in seeing you I hope you can find someone else soon.
Your better off with a doctor that wants a heathly patient. Do you have the 211 service in your area?


Jean_ - May 22

Hi Lynn, What is the 211 service? Is it a way to find doctors who care? This has just been so surprising to me, it makes me angry too the way the medical community is these days. It's seems to me to be all business and your a number. Where is the care anymore?
Thanks for answering me hope all goes well with you..I'll keep looking again, it's never ending, like this disease.


Lynne - May 22

Jean, I am lucky enough to live next door to a woman who has been a nurse for 30+ years. She now works in pain management dealing with people that have MS. This wonderful lady gave me the name of my current doctor. He does what he can for me seeing as I have no insurance.
Here is the 211 website
The only other way I could even begin to think of finding a good doctor would be to find a local support group and go to a few meetings and you may find a few names from some of the members.
Good Luck
If you ever wanna email me mine is [email protected] and the site I started is


Jean_ - May 25

Thanks again Lynn. I'll look at these sites and I may just e-mail you.


Beverly - May 25

Hi Jean, So sorry to hear about your doctor problem, some of them seem to delite in control. When we first moved to Florida the first doctor I saw told me he could cure Fibro with an over the counter drug and would never give me anything for pain. It was bye bye to him. I finally found a lady doctor who helped me as long as she could and then referred me to a pain management doctor.He is wonderful. He gives me some pretty strong stuff,but I need it to keep going. However, he keeps control on prescriptions he doesn't phone them in to drug stores I have to go to his office and pick the prescription up. I have had three doctors tell me you won't get addicted as long as you are in pain. He has a surgical room in the pack of his office where he gives nerve block shots. I had my second one yesterday, the inside of my right knee pains and burns most of the time and this has helped. I can walk without a cane. Bottom line try pain management. God Bless and find you the help you need.


Beverly - May 25

Jean I forgot to tell you that a regular doctor cannot prescribe pain medication as an on going thing or they can lose their license. Your doctor should have given you a referrel to a pain mangement doctor.


Jean_ - May 26

Thanks Beverly for responding. Believe it or not he did refer me to a pain management doctor and they changed all my meds around thus putting me in pain and losing work. He said he doesn't believe in pain medication and since he put me in that pain I kept calling him because I was back to stage one, the beginning and he decided to not treat me to go back to my GP. When I called my GP and told him he got on the phone to persuade him to take me. Well, I started looking right away for a doctor and I think I found one again but time will tell. This one wants to get to the bottom of my vision problems first and then go from there so I see a neurologist again. It's a never ending battle that is for sure. again thanks


Judy - May 29

have many of you had shingles ? I had them about two months ago I was very surprised about it. they said it was because of the fibro. I dont understand why we get everything becasue of fibro???? I wonder too if we really have fibro or if its something else???


Jean_ - June 1

Hi Judy, You bring up a good question? One that everyone should be aware of.


Chris - June 2

Jean; Sorry you are having problems, doctors can be such idiots at times. When they really have to work at a case, or it gets time consuming they like to push you off on someone else. Don't give up, and don't let the doctors walk all over you. Those of us with Fibromyalgia seem to get a raw deal all too often from doctors. Best of luck, I'll keep in touch.


Jean_ - June 4

Thank you Chris. It does get tough out there. I just wish that we all could get the right answers so we can all deal with this better. Even through researching and talking with people such as ourselves on this site it is still mind boggling when doctors do not seem to care after a while and decide to put you off on someone else. I do not know what to think of our medical communities when things like this happen. Do they really know what is going on or do they just like the money they get off this condition. Is there really doctors out there that really care and want to find the right treatment plan to help us with this thing. I tend to wonder being with this condition now almost 5 years. I also wonder, are there doctors reading this site and if there are where is their input. I'm just a bit frustrated and going through a bad time and doctors to not help this matter much.


Chris - June 12

Hi Jean; Just wondering how you are doing? Hope you are getting some help. I've stopped taking the last med I was on. Couldn't stand the side effects. Take care.



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