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Lyns - March 25

Im 25 and waiting to see rheumatologist to see if I have fibromyalgia. I have been suffering from many symptoms since October but cant see the specialist until July. Im convinved I have it as my mum has it and most of the symptoms I am experiencing echo hers. The problem is that it is really gettin me down not knowing and Im not copin at all! I feel I have lost control of my life and im distancing myself from everyone as they just dont seem to understand. Im a teacher and its even affecting the job i love which is even more depressing. Sometimes I really wonder if there is any hope and I know that is pathetic but Im just not copin with not knowin whats happening to me. Any suggestions on how I can cope until I get answers?


david251180 - March 25

Hi i,m david i,m 26 and have had fibromyagia since i was 21 i,m a hairdresser by trade but unfortunately i ended up having to give it up as was a very demanding job, I know exactly how u feel and i still get down and depressed even now the only thing i can sugest is that any chance to rest u get rest and u have to try not to go out of ur way 4 others this may be difficult i know but u have to start looking after urself more and realising that u just carnt do things the way u used to.


Iori - March 26

hi lyns. a rheumy will be able to diagnose u for sure. i always get down on myself to thinking that i am not coping well either. its hard to feel like this when no one seems to understand. depression etc... your mum must be understanding if shes got it too at least? i relate to you so much when you say you feel like you lost control of your life. this wasnt the plan... you sound like your hard on yourself like i am. try to take it easy & hopefully you'll have answers soon.


Lyns - March 26

Thanks for your replies. I know I am probably too hard on myself but i hate this feeling of not being able to do the things I used to do. I feel Im not being the teacher I want to be because I am solely focussing on the pain and depression I am feeling. I hate feeling so vulnerable and reliant. I do tend to do more when Im feeling sore - as if i need to prove to myself that I can do it. i knwo thats not the best way of dealing with it but I cant stop myself from doing that. My social life has really hit rock bottom and ive not even had a diagnosis yet! Pathetic eh!


Iinda - March 27

Dear Lyns, it is very hard to focus on your work when you are suffering. we are so hard on ourselves. its a bump in the road on your journey, you will make it through.


Iinda - March 27

do you have any supportive people around you dear?


Lyns - March 27

Hi Linda, thanks. My mum has fibro so she is very supportive but shes having a hard time of it at the mo between herself and my Grandad so I hate to bother her or worry her when she has enough to think about. I have a very supportive friend but althought she tries very hard to understand, I hate bothering her with how Im feeling. Its the same with a supportive colleague at work. Im really worried that Im not strong enough to get through this and stay in the job I love. I know Im not helping myself by fighting it rather than work with it but I dont know how to?


teresat - March 27

Lyns, you are so much younger that me, yet I know where you are coming from!! I am a RN that an no longer work in the field I have worked for & dreamed of since I was a child!! I know of the anxiety you are feeling, waiting to see he rheumatologist!! Has your GP done any other lab test on you? If not there are several test that he can do, while you are waiting, to rule out other diseases that have the same symptoms of FMS. #1 is to check your thyroid!!! It may be that you have thyroid problems or my other diseases that you GP can treat! At least you won;t be spending the next few months worrying & doing nothing! Also I would recommend you start doing research & keep talking to us!! There are other forum also that you can join, to broaden your information basis! Hope this helps!!


Lyns - March 28

Yes Ive had thyroid and other illnesses ruled out. Its been going on since Oct, the rheumotologist is the last resort from GP. Was back at doc today and she put me on anti-infammatories for the pain and im still on Amtrpyline


teresat - March 31

LYNS this is in NO WAY meant to scare you but I was also checked for lupus & it came back positive! I saw a rheumatologist & he DX me with both FMS & lupus. What I am saying is that it is possible to have other diseases & FMS. You need to be checked for Lyme's diseases, lupus, hyper & hypothyroidism...etc. Some of these other diseases are treatable & curable if you catch them early enough!


jenny bawden - April 9

HI Lyns, we all say rest and don't be hard on yourself.. but we all do the same thing (or at least I do haha) It's as if we are trying to prove to the world that there is nothing wrong and we can still keep up with everyone else.. perhaps even do better than anyone else.. which is great because we shouldn't 'give in to it'.. but at the same time we are confused because no one understand how we have to fight to even hold an intelligent conversation through the fibro fog. I find it takes so much energy just to even have a conversation some days. The days we do have energy we 'go for it' and do everything we possibly can, perhaps in some way trying to convince ourselves it's all gone away.. but ofcourse next day it reminds us that it is still around. I do agree with everyone else, don't be hard on yourself and perhaps even show people a print out of the proplems fibro causes.. be prepared for that 'glazed look' though as they say 'Oh yes, I do understand'. Remember we are all here to help you and support you though.



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