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14 Replies
DEBRA - August 7



Carrie - July 25

Debra, Are you the moderator of this site? I didn't even check to see who/what/where this site is all about... it just came up with a search on FM. Is there no way you can block her emails? On the Cdn Arth. Society forum you have to register to reply to postings. Maybe that's how they keep the site "clean". I know my husband interacts on various forums and once in a while someone gets kicked off for profanity, etc. So please tell me/us what you can do. Carrie


Lisa - July 25

I have often wondered why she isn't banned from the fibro sites. I have seen her pop up on another site and again, there are folks on there warning others to stay away from her; far, far away.


Chris2 - July 25

There seems to be no shortage of "snake oil salesman" out there. We Fibromites are a prime target, so, stick together and be well informed. Yours in healthy living, Chris2


Anne R. - July 25

I've been hoping my comments aren't mistaken for the nefarious Anne! It's not a common name anymore - please know that I am not she and will always use the "R" of my last name to distinguish between us!


Carrie - July 25

Hi Anne R. I'm glad you mentioned that you're not THE Anne. I've seen another "Carrie" on this site but I think she uses her last name as well. I hope we hear back from Debra. What a horribly stressful situation. Chris2, I got a chuckle from your label... fibromites! Is it a bug, is it a new fabric, no! it's a bunch of people who suffer severely! Ain't it great to laugh at ourselves?? The only way to save our sanity is to laugh whenever you can. smiles and hugs to all. Carrie


Debra - July 26

Hello: to all of you.Thank you so very much for reading my post.I is only to help all of you by letting you knoe that not all people out here can be trusted.I will respond to all of your messages soon,but i cannot today because my brain is to foggy.I will talk to you all soon....Take good care..Yours Truly Debra.


Debra - July 26

You see i cannot even spell properly today sorry....


Anne - August 6

you seem to have a problem with ANYONE who disagrees with you (and you don't seem to know much) go to hell and stop bashing everyone else!!! you are in serious denial about a lot of things. what makes you the guru?


Shari - August 6

yeah.... you big troll


Shari - August 6

Well,if you dont want to read the books then you can all fuck off.You are all SLUTS AND PHYSCO BITCHES OUT HERE,


voice of reason - August 7

Seems that those "book pushers" aren't the only ones Deb has a problem with. She'll pick a fight with anyone! If someone wants to reccommend a health drink who cares? Why are you such a huge control freak? This is one of many sure signs that you have TMS: Tension Myocitis Syndrome. put all this crazy BS aside on this site & listen to me.... YOU REALLY COULD GET WELL. Fibromyalgia is a dis-ease of the bodymind. People with symptoms become people with syndromes because the whitecoats don't know what the hell to do to help. I'D RATHER HAVE SOMEONE PUSH BOOKS ON ME THAN DRUGS ANYDAY.........good luck to all you out here, sincerely!


Debra - August 7

Your the control freak.You and your book pushers are using all of 9 names to push your books.You have lots of time on your hands.GIVE IT UP ALLREADY LOOSERS.



remember? we had this discussion last night LYNNE, your fibro fog was to blame??? maybe LYNNE=DEBRA=CYBIL= PSYCHO!!! Egads! I think I've got it!


vor - August 7

Actually, really what's involved here is that tension, stress, trying to do things well in our lives can produce internal reactions in the unconscious mind that we're totally unaware of, but the unconscious mind is quite frightened of them. We actually get very, very angry inside, to the point of rage. And the thing you must understand is that this is universal. We're all doing this to greater or lesser extent, and there are many, many different kinds of physical reactions that one can have.



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