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13 Replies
Debra - August 8

WOW: I see that some of you have been very busy out here.This is for real, the most crazy thing ive ever heard of.I was away for the past couple of weeks in a hostipal having major Jaw surgery.I cannot understand why these people pretend to be me and the others had gone ape shit.This whole thing is pretty scary.I feel bad for the kind people out here that had to read this stuff.Why?Why?Would anyone do this kind of stuff? What would so many of you get involved? Why would you waste so much of your time trying to torment people?ANGEL by the way that is not her real name.Dont worry i will not talk about you the way you did about me.I will never ever call you again.If you call me i will report you.What were you thinking.You call yourself a friend. You stated you were acting as me to do me a favor.I did not need that kind of favor from anyone.I'm gald you dont have my address.Leave me be please.You should not be out here if you play around like that.People out here have fibromyalgia and other painful conditions.They dont need you or anyone else playing mind games.I really dont know what to say to all of this.How can you trust anyone out here.So many,many people were involed with this game.I have spent an hour or so just now reading all this stuff.I cannot digest any of it.This fourm was great,but i seems that things have changed for the worse.I'm Stumped.can someone put an end to this horrible thing that has happened?.I'm not going to stand for this and the other people out here should not have to as well.Yours Truly Debra.P.S My Husband read this as well, he was shocked.He thinks that its all a sick joke.And i agree.because it is.i wish you all the best of good health.


louise - August 8

you are really nuts lady. you insulted me time and again. stop making up stories and drama. its so damn stupid! just change your name to DEB or something if you are really so worried about it! nobody cares anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!. so now you were having your jaw repaired but last night you were "fighting for your life" what BS. you should have been in the hospital having your head examined. let it go or get the hell out of here. for good. NOBODY CARES - YOU'RE CRAZY.


mia - August 8

more games to keep it going.....GIVE IT UP ALREADY YOU SICKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


louise - August 8

its all the same person, she has multiple personality disorder................


Debra - August 8

Louise you are all the same person.Your sick and heartless.Yes i was in the hospital for the past couple of weeks and i got out today at 1230PM.I did have Jaw surgery.I was not out here last night and for the past couple of weeks.Youre a very stupid women if you think that atleast 10 or more people over the past weeks have been using my name.You dont get it.Or you are one of them.Or your Angel.I dont need this and im not going to explain it again.You all should be looked up for doing this and treating people so badly.Why are you out here,to make people more ill.Dont leave me any more messages unless you have something good to say.You all making fools of yourselves.Give it a rest.And find another way to get rid of your anger.I'm not the problem.You and the other trouble makers are.Get with it Lady.


Jozette - August 8

Debra, I believe you! Just don't worry about it and let it pass. We need to stop this nonsense and just work on helping eachother. Ignore the mess and lets get back to what this site is for.


louise - August 8

sorry if I sound annoyed here but you're the one playing games. those comments about me not being a good mother the day kinda put a bad taste in my mouth where you are concerned. I am me. louise. thats it. I'm not saying Im debra than angel then whoever. I still think you are a HUGE liar covering up your tracks but this is a waste of time and the LAST response you'll get from me. you don't need anyone else out here helping you look crazy, youre doind a great job of it all by yourself you space-cookie. GOODBYE!


Debra - August 8

Hi:Jozette Thank you for your kind words.That ment a alot to me.Say if you were not on this thing for weeks and you really were having surgery,you get home and want to catch up with some of the people you talk to out here and you then spend hours reading about people pretending to be you.How would that make you feel about the people on this fourm and would you be able to trust any of them again.These people dont know what open jaw joint surgery is and how long you have to be in the hospital and then 6 months to full recovery.And having Fibromyalgia to deal with.What a nice way for them to treat people.I dont want anyone to feel sorry for me.I just want them to stop this cruel sick game.I am a normal person out here looking for a way to cope with this illness.No one need this or deserves it. Thanks Again.Yours Truly Debra.


Dani - August 8

I believe you too, because I never believed any of the identity thefts that have been all over this board- people have been having fun at the expense of other people. I can't imagine having enough time or energy to stir the pot like these folks have! It's a sad world we live in but no weapon raised against us shall prosper! Keep the faith, and hopefully things will be back in control soon-
God bless you in your recovery from surgery- I will say a prayer tonight - not only for your healing, but also for the people whose hearts are hardened and hateful.


Debra - August 8

Hi:Dani Thank you so very much for your thoughtful and very kind words.We all are out here for the same reason.To try to find a way to cope and to be well.The people that did this must have been on here all night and day,and for what?.God only knows.It is very disturbing to myself and im sure to many others.Thank you for your prayer.I will pray for your health and for you to be very happy.God Bless You.Your a very kind person.Thanks again.Your Truly Debra.


wendy - August 8

I don;t know who to believe but I know if I just got home from terrible surgery the lest thing I'd be doing is hopping online.... just an observation (give it up already)


Debra - August 8

I cant talk right now.but i can type.Have you ever been in pain.If you have then you would know that you cannot sleep well.My surgery was not today,that why i was there for a few weeks.Why do you even care to give me a hard time.If you were out here in pain i would never bother you.I could very well come out here like alot of these people do and change my name and never say a word,but i want the people out here to know that there are some honest real people here and that i am one of them.I have nothing to hide and i will not go on with this for to much more.Its stupid.All of you rude ones feel that i have to constantly explain myself to you.Why?.What is it that you think ive done If You have so much time on your hands,then read the posts and you will understand that some sick people were playing a really stupid game with all of you.Yes,they even played you.So why dont you explain yourself to me.What is it that you want from me ?my blood.Would you like a picture of my Jaw and the Doctors reports to prove that what i'm saying is the truth.Why do all of you give me such a hard time when you know that these people were just playing a sick game.I want to talk to nice people and smart ones that would know in a minute that it was not me.Read and then read you will know then.And why would you even care.I think you really just like bugging people.


stephie - August 8

if that really is the truth I feel sorry for you. I admit I have sent some messages back and forth here too. whoever was pretendiing to be you insulted & pissed off alot of people and told a lot of lies, thats why its hard to believe anything. I agree, it will blow over soon. I hope you feel better. there are all sorts online here, there is a crazy guy named BUD who is really freaking me out. i don't think he has FM or even knows what its is. he was making sexual remarks to suzQ here last nuight, hes very creepy. hopefully people will get over it and move on soon, my questions and posts keep getting lost in all the posts. good ;luck :)


BUD - August 8




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