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Hello, newbie here
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learnFMnow - October 16

I am Debra. I am 45 and am an RN of 17 years. I got very ill with the curse called fibro about 6 years ago and it has been downhill since. I know that no one should live on pills, but as of now it is all I can do to function. I hate this cursed illness. I never want sympathy, but I want understanding and removal of stigma from the disease so I educate anytime I get a chance. I am delighted at the recent breakthroughs just in the last few months with research. I keep up on it.
I have two young children born late in life LOL. The apples of my eye and my heart! Katherine is 12 and Julian is 7. I continue to work and support them the best I can. My husband does EVERYTHING around this house and on my off time I am pretty much a slug. LOL. A trip to walmart is a big outing for me!
Just wanted to say hello.


Fantod - October 16

Hi Debra and welcome to the group. Feel free to vent, join in a discussion or ask questions. Take care.


brooksidefarm - October 16

Welcome! This group is a big help. Pray and do not give up. God bless.


debbielynn66 - October 17

Hi Debra! I'm Deborah! I am 43 and have been struggling for a diagnosis for the last 4-5 years. I really began my decline around 11 years ago though (right after the birth of my youngest child ) I see by the age of your youngest that youu may have had a similar time of onset? I have always believed that hormonal changes or imbalance played a huge role. Have you had similar ideas? I feel ya' about the Walmart trip. I have said the same thing many times.Thank God for wonderful husbands and families!!! Nice meeting you! Deborah


axxie - October 17

Hello Debra, welcome to our (yours also) site, this is where we come and laugh together, ask questions and try to be best of abilities, answer them. And of course vent. lol.

Know well what you mean about this dreadful disease, some have it worst then others. I guess the flares are my biggest pain, usually because of weather. (I wish that Scotty could beam me up, somewhere, where the baromatic pressure wasn't so picky).

Yep, my biggest trip is a trip to local walmart. Have you tried, iron vitamins or shots of vitamin b-12? It helps.



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