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Hello, I am New and Confused
4 Replies
pipert - January 1

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last week. The only pain that I was having was in my shoulder and legs when I would get up in the morning. However, in March I started having this feeling of urgency like I had to pee all the time and I have had urinary tests which show nothing. Cat Scan, Cystocopy, Colonoscopy. I am also having a
discomfort in the female area. I figured this was all connected to menopause, now I am not so sure. I went to my gyno and when he examined me it was very painful and he went as far as saying that maybe he should do a hysterectomy because of a retroverted uterus that I have had all my life. I have never had any problems until March. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has had these symptoms, and if so what did you do.
I can live with the pain in shoulder and legs, but this uncomfortable feeling of urgency is making me very depressed. Thanks for listening.


Gabbie - November 12

Hello pipert. Fibro comes with a long long list of symptoms, not always appearing at the same time. I have found that each day is different as far as how I'm feeling and the type of symptoms are always changing. On the left side of this forum you will find the heading of "fibromyalgia symptoms". In that section there is another heading of "urinary problems". There is much information about what you are talking about, which is definately related to fibro.


Fantod - November 12

Hello pipert - The symptoms you are describing are all associated with FMS. Has your doctor suggested that you try some medication to stop the over active bladder symptoms? There are a couple of medications available that might help. As for the potential hysterectomy, I'd get a second and maybe a third opinion on that. There is a robotic procedure available now which takes less recovery time and leaves about five one inch incisions instead of having to cut through all of the muscle layers etc and leaving a big incision. If you have to have it done, that would be my choice. I can really sympathize with that feeling of always having to go. I get that periodically and it makes me nuts. It is hard enough to manage with FMS without having to have eyes in the back of your head for the nearest bathroom. If your doctor has not prescribed a medication for over active bladder, than I would get right back in there and ask for it. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


trans - November 13

I agree with what the other ladies are saying, my symptoms change from day to day and in the 36 I've had I think I've all the symptoms at one time or another. Try to stay positive and get the best doc possible. Take care.


Anne Hillebrand - November 16

Frequent urination in FMS is your body trying to dump acid.

Test your saliva pH. It's supposed to be 7.4 If it is a lower number, you are too acidic.

Your body tissue will be sickly.

Before you have any surgery, get your body healthy again. You may not need it.




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