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Hello Everyone
8 Replies
HullClaire - November 4

Hello Everyone,
How glad am I to come across this website!
I bet I am one of many hundreds who thinks they have Fibro but I am so relieved to find an answer.
I'm 29, work full time as a PA and have a 7 year old daughter. Just a normal mum who works hard.

I have had panic attacks before, many years ago and havent been troubled with them for a while as I learnt to control them then one night a few months ago I got stabbing chest pains, my heart was racing and my chest had several points that hurt, namely under each breast and below each collarbone, my usual tricks for dealing with the attacks didn't work and I was terrified. I have also had a pain in my right shoulder for many years, as well a various other pains but as I didn't want to bother the doctors with something I couldnt explain I didnt go for years the when I eventually went (with the shoulder) got fobbed off by the doctors, I tried to help myself with chiropractors etc but it has never gone. I also have muscle twitches and sometimes the pain attacks my legs and arms and shoulders, in the most random of places. I also sometimes feel that my veins hurt? Does anyone recognise this? My veins have also become much more apparent everywhere legs, chest etc.I have a high pain tolerance level but this was and is so scary (chest Pains) I honestly thought I was having a heart attack and when I presented myself at the doctors they said its stress go home take a week or two off work, I swear I couldn't believe it, I never go to the doctors and I never take time off work but I felt so poorly that I was physically unable to go to work, a day later I went back and said please can I have some help, I can't sleep I daren't work, I will do anything I feel seriously poorly. They said they would refer me for counselling even though apart from being busy I don't have any real problems. Got a loving partner no money worries etc The doctor and then a locum said that I need counselling and obviously have stress and refused to treat me until I see a counsellor (fine but waiting list 4 months!)
So I went back next day and said if you could please just stop my heart from racing maybe my chest will ease off so they gave me some propranolol which helps a bit but in the 3 months since then I am plagued by these pains. My doctor refuses to give me more than 2 weeks medication at once so its costing me a fortune and still have no counselling appointment so they wont give me any more treatment. Isn't it outrageous that they think its all in our minds, that we are week or unstable. My heart goes out to anyone suffering from this an not knowing what it is. It is a nightmare. I will try and swop doctors but I have a feeling there is a big red mark on my records saying "hypochondriac" or something and I really don't feel up to going through it all again and them nodding at me and telling me to look after myself. Anyway as it stands I am taking a quarter of the medication prescribed so I make it last the month and trying all sorts of painkillers. But thank you for this website at least I know I'm not dying! I also just wanted to know if anyone else has the vein thing going on? I know what varicose veins are and they are not raised or anything just a lot more apparent than they ever were.

Thank you to the makers of this site and best wishes to all sufferers. Maybe one day we will be treated better.


trans - November 5

Hi HullClaire,
I am so sorry you are getting jerked around by the medical profession, I suffered for many years before I was diagnosed properly. When I read the word hypochroniac, it really it home, my family still thinks I am. I have had this for over 36 years so I suggest you get as proactive as possible and find a doc that specializes in this and give you some relief. It is not in your head

It is all very real, if we had a dollar everytime we were told that we would all be very rich. I have noticed that the veins in my chest are more apparent than they ever were but I did not attribute it to fibro but it could very well be. Keep doing as much research as possible and identify all of the known symptoms, seems they keep adding to the list. My first symptom was rib cage pain and I have just noticed in the last year or so that it is part of fibro. Hang in there and God Bless, keep posting here we know all too well what you are going through.


HullClaire - November 5

Thanks Trans
Just an update, I have had to give up my job as I cant take the 9 hour days any more am very sad about it but am struggling to hide it from my boss who wouldn't understand. So its part-time for me from now on. Tis a shame, if I had got the support from the doctors I may have been able to keep my job and pay more tax. Keep the government happy! One day they may see sense.


trans - November 5

Try to stay positive, I ended up going part time about 2 1/2 years ago also and it has affected our daily lives. But now within the same office I am able to take on more hours. So try to stay very positive and proactive in your care and it will get better eventually. Not sure if I mentioned but I have had this over 36 years, so it would be very easy for me to say forget it and just give into the fibro but I won't and can't, I will keep fighting this for as long as God blesses me with time. Remember we are always here for you. God Bless.


cherylAnn - November 6

Hi.. I suggest a Rheumotologist. Please get to the bottom of it all. You will not be disappointed. See one who specializes in Fibromyalgia. And trust yourself. You are not crazy. Never let yourself believe it is in your head.
Best to you and be at peace.


Gabbie - November 10

Hi Hullclaire. I think that because because people with fibro don't necessarily look sick, the word hypochondriac is right up there on the top of the list. People with fibro certainly know that our pain is very real and not something that we just make up as we go along. Please find a rheumatologist who believes in and treats fibro and have the necessary testing so you can be properly diagnosed. In the meantime, I encourage you to stay with this forum because it is a wonderful support system. I wish you well.


gucci - January 16

hi hull claire i know excactly how you are feeling its the same with my drs one told me to learn to live it as i have it for life, the other said i need to see a councilor says its in my head and im making it worst with anxiety/panic attacks. she put me on amitripyline 30mgs at nite when i went back after 4 months of taking them with not much help she refused to give me anything else to try. and when i went for my 2nd rhemy appointment she discharged me saying i was coping well with the fibro because i knew about the pains i was getting i walked out crying and they just closed the door behind me . i feel they think im a hypocondriact ,then i thought maybe i wasnt exlaining myself properly so i went back to my dr ans asked to some other rhemy and she said not untill you see a councillor. i think i will have to look further away for a rheumy as im not getting anywhere in my home town im willing to pay for some suppor and advise from them . i will look up the site now to see if i can get an appointment , sorry this has been long winded its great having this site as we all know how each other are feeling cheers,


tracey3999 - January 16

hi there everyone,im a 32 year mum of 3 children.i cant believe i have found this great site with people who suffer like i symptoms started 6 years ago when i started to get panic attacks,dizziness and chest pain.i used to get very frightened and my doc would say it was stress.i then started with neck and shoulder stiffness and couldnt control the nasty heart palpatations i had.for 4 years im sure i was known as a hypochondriac.i was put on many antidepressants,beta blockers and painkillers over the next year.i have only recently been told its the mo i have been quite unwell.there isnt much of a gap now when i do feel chest,neck,left ribcage,arms fingers and shoulders are constantly stiff.i get painful spasms in my head and face.i feel totally spaced out sometimes due to the of my main problems is ventricular ectopic heart beats i get,they are terrifying and am still havin tests for them.i think some docs dont realise what we go through.its not nice,sometimes i feel like im dying, i feel that bad and its hard epspecially if you work or are looking after children.anyway got to go.take care everyone xx


ddavies - January 18

My family thinks I am hypocodriac as well. They just don't understand. Standing to was dishes I have to lean over the sink. Told my husband we need to get a dishwasher because it hurts so much at times I cry the whole time.



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