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Heather01marie - May 1

I'm new here, but I must say how impressed I am with this forum. Everyone is so helpful and nice. I was tentitavely diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia on Monday. I found this site while doing research for Fibromyalgia. As I'm reading your posts and responses, I am realizing that I have had Fibro for many years. I was diagnosed at 14 with CFS, but was told at 16 that I was "CFS-free." Since that time I have struggled with many of the symptoms. The past 3 years have been a living hell for me with increasing pain, fatigue, and illness which I chalked up to working night shift as a nurse, and like most other nurses, "I sucked it up and put my patient first." In January, I started having terrible pain in my ankle, and within a month was barely able to walk. My GP treated me for a weak ankle since I had injured it 2 years previously. The steroids helped and I felt normal, but one week after the script ended it started all over. GP just decided he didnt know what to do with me and sent me to PT. He told me there was no way I could have PsA cuz I didnt have hard red joints and deformity. After a few days the nurse within reared her head and did some research, found that a rheumy was recommended. I saw him Monday and after history and physical he told me he thought I had early PsA and FMS. Totally blew my mind on FMS, so I started researching...I have many, many of the symptoms and have had them for years and years. I havent been able to work since March due to the pain and fatigue. If I have PsA, I do not want to work in healthcare anymore, cuz the medicatins to treat cause severe decrease in immunity and I'm exposed to a lot of nasty stuff.

Sorry this is so long, but wanted to give you a slight history before I asked this question, Is there any questions I should be asking and discussing with the rheumy on Monday that I may not thought of as of yet?
Thanks for any input


axxie - May 4

Hello Heather01marie

Hello and welcome to our site, we will give you are responses to just about anything. I'm happy you have been diagnose, that's the first step to becoming pain free (well almost) anyway.

Since you have PsA and FMs then the questions to him would be, which priority comes first to treat?

What other tests will he perform on you, so that he his not mistaken on your case.

What kind of treatment can he offer you for both problems.



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