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Heel & outside of foot tingling, What to do next?HELP SCARED
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mummylove - February 5

Ive always had regular heel tingling and also at times the outside of foot is this a symptom?

I also remembered before the times of the dishwasher lol When I washed the dishes I used to get horrible itchy stinging feet since I can remember. I also get it if I stand for quite a while. Is this a symptom?

Do anyone else get a tight band around there stomach, and inner shaking? like low blood pressure in there arms,& waist down? Its horrible and heavy and quite frightening!
Also tingles over the scalp, and crown area

Only a doctor as diagnosed me and I was fine with that, but saw him the other day for some pain relief. And hoping to talk about it and well basically everypain etc etc is because of fibro. I wonder if he should be just making sure it is that?. Im in new zealand and small town the waiting lists are long shortage of doctors. Who or what specialist do I start with?.
Im feeling very scared and have no support nor from my husband, I have young children and am finding it very hard to even just do the washing, Carry pots of veges/water to the stove my strength is decressed dramatically in a matter of 4 weeks. Walking I get burning blood rushing pain feeling, on standing I get so intense pressure in my head I have to sit or close my eyes and cringe,hideous toe pain mostly baby toe,pinky and index finger, please help I have evry pain, I dont know but it feels like nerve pain? what type of pain is fibro?. I have also listed previously every symptom known to man lol but Im lost. :-( my family sux!!!!


FibroGal - February 7

Hi, mummylove. Yes, you can have different types of nerve pain such as you've described with fibro. I've had numbness, tingling, burning, blood-rushing, itching, stinging, prickling, etc. sensations in my arms, hands, and feet. I hear your fear and anxiety and wonder if your physical symptoms might also be heightened or even caused by your anxiety and stress. How long has it been since you were diagnosed with fibro? Do you have a rheumatologist in your area you could see? I'm sorry you feel so alone. But please know that there are those of us out here who understand and you are thought of both on and off the forum.



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