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Jenn - September 13

Does the heat bother anyone else? I just found out I have fibro and still finding info about it. But I find the heat (going outside when it's hot or just getting over heated)bothers me but I have not seen that any place when I look up info. Thanks


lisa - September 2

It's actually the opposite for me...I don't feel any pain in the summer, just in the fall and winter.


Brandy - September 2


The heat bothers me something fierce. I am at that age (52) but I have had fibro since my teens and the heat has always bothered me. The antidepressants and other meds that we take can cause us to mind the heat more too. Also I am being monitored for possible MS and patients with MS can't tolerate the heat either. So I am between a rock and a hard place, lol. I don't know where you live, I am in the northeast US so the cooler weather is about to start. Thank goodness. Altho I don't like the winter months it is better for me than the heat of the summer. Good luck to you and many blessings.


kathy - September 3

Please read my long posting about the "it is not about symptons"

You can get better!


Virg - September 3

Hi Jenn, It's odd for me I start feeling symtoms
before I check outside and see its turned hot
that day after the weather was moderate. I
feel better when it feels like a nice autumn day.
I moved from a place where the heat was very
hot to the coast where I get a nice ocean
breeze with it so it helps. My son has a
friend who moved from BCCanada to Reno and
she told him her FM was way better
If the heat is very humid it's a bummer.


R.S.Hagen - September 5

I hurt something fierce in the heat, my legs and hands swell, I take water pills, but that is of little relief. My skin feels like it has firey needles on it. I take frequent cool showers or just run the cool water over my legs and feet. Then use a menthol creme to stay cool.


Kim - September 5

I've noticed my symptoms have flared up since we have had over 100 degree weather here. I also have problems if it is extremely humid outside as well.


Honora - September 13

yes so much ,i have to plan my life around it .I cant go anywhere if its hot as i just drip and feel unwell ,i hate it.I hade not seen it either ,but have spoken to others about it and they have to much heat also.What can we do i wish i knew ,if you find out let me know.Thanks Honora x



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