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22 Replies
BrandyO - February 6

Thank you JJ1 I guess maybe I wont take the magnesium... thanks for the warning. Brandy


tcmby - February 7

Here's an article about the "Role Of Magnesium in Fibromyalgia" >>>


tcmby - February 7

apparently diet pop is a major culprit with heart palps too.... i am also going to lay of the aspartame & see if that makes a difference...


tcmby - February 13

Anyone else here get palpitations? Still wondering how common they are for those of us with fibro.... thanx :)


JJ1 - February 13

My heart palpitations and rapid heart beats have been worse lately, but I am starting to think it is due to my exteme anemia rather than fibromyalgia. These seem a little different than the flutters I used to get when not anemic.


rod - February 19

Hello all. I am new to this forum, but happened upon this site because of my persistent chostochondritis. I was looking for some relief. I was an avid triathlete until 2005 when I had a heat injury. After the heat injury, I began to suffer from chest pains. I've had an echo, CT angiograph, and stress test with normal results. My most recent EKG results showed an inverted T wave with no other indications. When my costochondritis becomes worse, I get palpitations. I can feel added or skipped heart beats. Also, when I climb stairs, I begin to hear my heartbeat in my ears. I haven't been officially diagnosed with costochondritis, but I will be going to see the doc about my chest pains that radiate to my back when I press on my ribs on the left side of my sternum. I have problems getting to sleep when i first lay down to sleep, but after my chest adjusts to lying down, I don't feel that nagging tighness in my chest. Also, I have noticed that I get skipped or added heart beats when I bend over or squat. This only happens when I am very tired or fatigued. I still cycle, swim and run. I stopped two weeks ago after the chest pains became worse and I had palpitations. Any thoughts are welcome.


tcmby - February 28

UPDATE: just wanted to let anyone interested that since i started taking 400mg of magnesium x2 per day, my palpitations have really improved. the deep pounding beats have all but stopped & i am only getting spaoradic skips here & there now. i also have noticed that my muscles feel less tense & i feel alot calmer, more relaxed. i am pleasantly surprised because i didn't think that any 'vitamin' could make a difference... but it really has. i also have cut diet pop/artificial sweeteners out completely which may have helped as well. i would highly reccommend taking Mag if you have fibro, pain, anxiety, etc... that article i pasted above on Feb 3rd says it all. google it to find out more. its all good ;)



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