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Heart palpitations/ dizziness and vertigo
29 Replies
JJ1 - October 27

When I hear the blood pumping/swishing noise, I can be staying in one position, moving, laying down, sitting up, standing, walking, doesn't matter. It is constant for a while.


carm - October 28

I get the dizziness and nausea. I am always not sure if it is the FM or the meds I am on because they all seem to say may cause dizziness. I get the racey heart sometimes but it is usually quick and goes away pretty fast mostly in a stressful situation.


CarrieLee - November 26

Hi funnygirl, sometimes inner ear problems can cause vertigo, maybe have that checked out. I once had a whole summer of the dizziness and heart pounding. It was a stressful time in my life, we were moving and also there was a death in my family. At the time I felt a total mess so I understand how scary it can be. Now that I have some distance from it, I realize that it was all pure anxiety and stress. Of course everyone is different, but that was my experience. When all else fails it is amazing what taking a few Deep Breaths can do.


Virg - November 26

Hi funnygirl, I forgot to get back to this post. I was put on a tablet called 'serc'
and my dizzyness has gone away. I see him again in Dec to find out if I have to keep taking it. I do really feel ok now.


nyc - November 26

Hi. I have had dizzy spells off and on for about 15 years. They started 5-6 years after I first experienced the muscle pain of fibromyalgia. I have periods of time where I get them frequently, then they go away for months, even years. I have had them at times when I was taking absolutely no meds, so I don't think that could be it. I have to lie on the ground with my right side of my face flat on the floor to get it to stop. It is so strange. Lying on my left side doesn't work. Usually it is under control in 15-30 minutes, sometimes it takes a few hours. I have no idea what causes the dizziness. I also find that my fibromyalgia flares up any time I have a change in my hormonal balance. I hope this will all calm down for you, funnygirl, after your body adjusts to the hormonal changes of childbirth. Take care.


larry - November 27

I had vertigo problems for months, I used to bump into walls and get sick from turning my head on my pillow at night. Mine strted the day that I had 1/2 of my thyroid removed. The doctors were puzzled and just prescribed anti depressants and antianxiety pills. After 4 months of this crap with doctors I visited a naturapathic doctor and left the office completely fine, no more dizziness. She said she adjusted my electrical field in my body that was interefered with when I had my surgery. This is how I made my way to working with Naturalpathic doctors.


JJ1 - December 5

My vertigo is back. I was better for a while. I am seeing a pattern -- it is happening at the end of my period (extremely heavy) so I am thinking this is related to my anemia. Also, I have come down with a cold and it is not helping the situation. The dizziness goes away after I move around a bit this time around, but I am very weak and tire easily. My thyroid is still in tact and my thyroid levels have been checked many times and always ok.


Teresa Shefer - December 7

I was just assessed with Firbomyalgia after almost 3 VERY LONG YEARS. I have experienced all of this - dizziness, vertigo and heat palpitations. This is not unusual by any means.


CarrieLee - December 13



tcmby - December 18

i sometimes feel dizzy or weird when i am in the grocery store or walmart. maybe its the lights or somthing. i used to get this dizzy feeling a lot now its a whole bunch of other symptoms. seems like whne one thing stops antoher takes its place. i wish it would just go away.


Wanda - December 22

funnygirl, do you ever go to a good chiropractor? My medical doctor and rheumatologist says it helps a lot of people. I know if your neck is out of line it can really mess you up too, along with the other fibro symptons. I often have the heart palpitatoins and pain. Have had tests done on my heart and all was well. Hope you are better soon.


BrandyO - December 22

tcmby.... Do you have benign positional vertigo? I had a bad bout of it about a month or so ago and although the worse of it has passed, I still feel lightheaded or dizzy every day. I feel it when I am shopping too. I think it's because I am moving my head more. As I go down the isles looking up, down, left and right it causes the dizziness to come back. I take Antivert at night but it makes me to tired during the day. I hope you feel better soon. The dizzy feeling is not fun! Happy Holidays, Brandy


shahram26 - July 22

Hi JJ1,

I have had your symptoms for about 5 weeks now, vertigo, and palpitation and as you said hearing it in your ears and feeling it at the back of the neck. I also have anemia, I also get worse if im hungry.. and unfortunately I can not rest because im at work during the day and at home I have a 11 months old baby… it would be a big help if you could let me know how doctors diagnosed you at the end? Was anemia the cause? Was your heart ok?

Many thanks



barley - July 22

Hi Funnygirl, I have suffered for years with palpitations and chest pain. I even spent a week on a coronary care unit because it got so bad, and was diagnosed with Sinus Tachycardia. I also get extra beats which feels horrible, and the dizziness also gives me the feeling that I can hear my heart. This was all before I was diagnosed wih Fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed nearly 4 years ago and now all these symptoms make sense.



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