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Heart palpitations/ dizziness and vertigo
29 Replies
funnygirl - October 19

I was diagnosed 4 years ago with Fibromyalgia. With exercise and taking really good care of myself it seemed to go into a sort of remission. About a year ago I became pregnant and although it was a rough pregnancy, my symptoms stayed mostly away. Well within the first month of the delivery I had an explosion of symptoms and now it's been 6 months and no relief. I have seen a neurologist and she is sending me for an MRI to rule out MS and I have an appointment with a rheumatologist in January. I can cope with the pains in the muscles and joints but I have recently been experiencing a lot of dizziness and vertigo. Mostly an imbalance and it makes my eyes sore and my head funny. Also experiencing occasional heart palpitations. Does anyone else suffer from these problems. They are more scary than the usual pains.


Virg - October 19

Hi funnygirl.. you sure came to the right place. I just had a doctor appt for that same dizzyness feeling and have looked up semi-circular canals on the net. It explains it a lot. I've been referred to an ear nose etc specialist which will take about 4-5 weeks to get into. Meanwhile he put me on an experimental drug for this but I've only started yesterday and so far nothing has changed. Like the doc said it's dibilitating.


BrandyO - October 19

I had a very severe bout of vertigo about 5 years ago that sent me to the ER. I was given something (I failed to remember right this minute ) but it made me sleep non stop. I took it for a few days because I needed some sort of relief and it did clear the vertigo up. Since then I get mild bouts of it..... one being right now. I started on Tuesday morning and it has been making my dizzy off and on since. I don't want to take that original medicine but wish there was something to clear it up. I heard there were certain exercises to help put the "ear rocks" (that's what the ER doc called them) back into place. Hope you both feel better real soon! Brandy


funnygirl - October 19

Thanks for the info. I have started to look up some exercises for this as I can't really take any medication right now. My liver is recooperating from too much medication given to me after my c-section. I find the vertigo only happens if I turn my head or bend down and get up and I have pain in my eyes and neck as well. I guess it's all related. It's all very frustrating. Always a different pain and then that goes away only to be replaced by something else.


AmberRose - October 20

I get heart pains and palpitations all the time..well maybe not all the time but often enough, I have noticed if i drink or eat more pottssium it goes away.....Often my blood tests will coem back with low pottasium and im pretty sure that thats why. If your potassium gets to low you can go into what is called hypokalemia. Not a common thing but it dosn't look like fun so i allways make sure im loading up on the bananas when my heart starts going funny. :) but iw ould definetly get it checked out with the dr to make sure its not goign to be a huge problem like blood pressure or heart disease etc.


barbara s. - October 20

This may be a stupid question, but have you had your heart checked? I found out I have mitral valve prolapse which my dr. says is pretty common with FM. I also have the vertigo caused (we think) due to low blood pressure. I also get severe chest pain which is why I had the heart tests to begin with, but except for the MVP, my heart is fine. See if you can get that checked, it gave me great peace of mind to know I probably won't have a heart attack any time soon.


funnygirl - October 21

I was followed by a cardiologist when I was pregnant because of a fast heart rate. I was even tested for Pulminary Embolism but luckily it was just the baby pushing up on the aorta. Everything was fine with the heart. Only test I didn't have was an echocardiogram. Did you find your MVP through that test?


barbara s. - October 22

They did do an echo to be sure about the MVP, but my dr. could hear it with just the stethescope. Since I never had one before (and I'm 50), They did the echo to see how bad it was, and if they needed to do anything about it. Luckily, I will only need to take antibiotics before dental cleanings, colonoscopies, etc.


JJ1 - October 26

I have recently been experiencing weird bouts of dizziness and vertigo. This is coupled with feeling awful with flu-like symptoms and headache. I have missed several days of work because of it over the last couple of weeks. It usually happens when I wake up in the morning. I get up at 6:00 am to make sure my high school daughter is out of bed and getting ready for school then I go back to sleep for an hour then get up to make sure she is leaving the house for school on time. Twice, this dizziness/vertigo has struck when I first get up. I break out in a cold sweat and feel a little naseous. After I go back to bed for an hour, the dizziness is not as bad but I have a raging headache and feel fatigued and run down. A co-worker mentioned having similar symptoms and said she went to the doc and discovered she had an ear infection and they put her on antibiotics and all was well. I went to my general doctor and she checked my ears and told me nothing was wrong (she thought it was strange I was dismayed about not having an ear infection, but I always hope it is something I can wipe out with some simple treatment and not just another unabateable FMS symptom). So back to square one. She did give me a medication for vertigo (a motion sickness med) but she said my symptoms weren't typical of vertigo in that you usually don't get the headache and flu symptoms. She did suggest getting some CT scans or some sort of scans of my head should the symptoms continue.


JJ1 - October 26

One other weird thing about my dizziness. When I was experiencing this, I could hear my heart pumping. This is hard to describe, but it was the swishing pumping of my heart/circulatory system loud and clear in my ears. Never had this before. It even was messing with my hearing.


Stephanie417 - October 26

I do !
My symptoms also got out of control after I had my daughter, I had a traumatic experience, as I had a placental abruption.. Thank God my daughter and I both survived, but since then, its been non stop.. My first really bad experiences were vertigo, dizziness, wierd sensations in my head, and visually wierd... I also have heart palpitations.. its like sometimes my heart skips a beat and feels like its dropping, then it goes fast... Ive had it checked out and hear that its common.. Do you have problems with allergies?.. I do and a lot of my dizziness stems from this..


AmberRose - October 27

"One other weird thing about my dizziness. When I was experiencing this, I could hear my heart pumping. This is hard to describe, but it was the swishing pumping of my heart/circulatory system loud and clear in my ears. Never had this before. It even was messing with my hearing"

I think i get this as well allthough i associate it more with hearing my pulse? same idea? ...ive ahd it all my life i guess i never thought it was wierd


Debra4Real - October 27

Hi:Funnygirl I'm sorry to hear that your suffering.What you have sounds very much like what i had suffered for many year.It was horrible.I"m now cured of my Positional Benign Vertigo.I was sent by my family Doctor to see an E.N.T specialist.The doctor gave me a simple five minute treatment by just moving my head in different positions and told me that i would have to repeat these positions a few times in a week and if i do this that i would be cured.Well,he was right. It really worked for me.If ???you do have the same thing as i did it will be easy for the right Doctor to treat .Good Luck..I hope your Doctor can help you with this problem.Take Care...Always Debra.


JJ1 - October 27

I had the heart pumping sound last night. I was bidding on something on e-bay (I am trying to avoid holiday stress and for once in my life to internet shopping for Christmas and I am trying to do it early) and my heart started racing as the bidding got heated at the end -- I didn't get the Coach wallet I was bidding on :-( --- So now I am thinking the swishing heart pumping noise I hear is actually my heart rate increasing. Probably isn't a big deal. Just when it happened with the vertigo it was bad enough to make it difficult to go to sleep and also difficult to hear.


scooter985 - October 27

hello funnygirl! i was diagnosed in july of this year so i am a rookie. i will be 29 years old this feb. one of my first symptoms with fibro was dizziness and vertigo. i've been to ENT's and neurologists , ran up millions of doc bills. i did an MRI in march of this year .no lesions. i do experience the occasional heart palp. mine come from stress and that can also come from low blood sugar. ( which i experience alot of) . i do have to agree with you that's pretty scary. hope i helped.


scooter985 - October 27

commenting on the hearing the heart pumping. does it happen if you get up from a seated position quickly?


JJ1 - October 27

When I hear the blood pumping/swishing noise, I can be staying in one position, moving, laying down, sitting up, standing, walking, doesn't matter. It is constant for a while.



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