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heard of the term alot so upsetting (your always sick tho)
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mummylove - January 31

Do you always here someone tell you;
but your always sick!

Its so upsetting, now I know whats wrong I dont want to tell anyone im in pain as I dont want to hear that (your always sick) I think its making me worse? My hubby,mum and sister always say it even my 8 year old seems to have picked up on the saying. Ive just shut my mouth for almost 6 weeks now and its so stressful!

Im just trying to suck it up now :-( pains are getting worse and really need the support from my family and its not happening as they well hubby think its just a label now you know you dont need to worry about it. errrr so frustrating!


peachmelba - January 31

hi there mummylove. i know exactly how you feel my sister always comments that i cant have a conversation with her without mentioning my aches and pains. if they understood and sypathised then i wouldn't moan so much. my partner always says go and tell the doctor in which i do but i always come back home dissapointed because all they say is that its fibro,duhhh i know that, thats why i went in the first place!!! i need help not for people to tell me what i all ready know?
good look in convincing those people fortunate enough not too have F.M.S.


JOEGIRL - February 18

Yes, I hear it often myself. I have learned that a person that has known pain are the ones that really understand.
I have been guilty of it myself. I remember my Mom
being in pain a lot but I didn't realize how bad she really hurt until I started hurting myself.
Now the dr. said my daughter has fibro to so I guess that means it runs in the family. I just hate the thought of her having to go through this pain. I guess we can moan and groan about our pain together tho.


FibroGal - February 18

Hearing this makes me feel sadness and anger. You deserve empathy. I take it you've explained to everyone you have fibromyalgia? Once you've sat them down and explained to them what it is and that it is chronic, you've done your part. What pain is getting worse? Are you sure it's fibro? Just wondering if you have a definitive diagnosis of fibro...? Please feel free to complain about your pain here. We are all ears and you won't get any of that from us!



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